Northern rim
Rasmussen slides about, skating through snow, thinking of soon coming stars
Tonight, above us all, they’ll bubble brightly, billions of ’em
He’ll dream of us, let his eyes widen in wonder of a mass unseen, scattered abroad
In the States, Shawn shaves grass off its parked blockade, frees wind-stuck track of trash
Tomorrow, he’ll pack a block-buster sermon in Church, deliver punches on Christ’s redeeming crunch moment
He’ll look around, see faces, and stay dead-in-stare, stirring slowly for a wider world
Walls can’t keep Khalid’s speedy stream of serene thought, transfixed as He is, reflecting
He’s in the mid-east, but peace, though scarce without, rests within
He’s already been let out, his mind criss-crossing sand dunes to fine sheep-grazed plains far off
He, together with us, feeds off freely given gift, gives up self-ensconced cockpitting
One thoughtful spark from his heart leaps up and away, beating sea spans to find another
Connecting to Bilkisu’s, grating chilli, warming up by fire in chilly condition
Before now, she’s been lone ranger in a universe of mediocre exuberance
This minute , she thinks this thing betwixt and about her bent pounding position, more
A presence warming up, spicing it all up, making sweet dish of a dire shift
As she suddenly joyfully bursts out in brand new songs, praising, somewhere in West Africa
An awakening, this army of faithful followers bear witness to, a telling no distance ever contains
Wang dials Ajeh; they are held in divinely designed triad, fired up beyond Mandarin and Hindi
Katerina cries “Christ is Risen”, as bells clang, clock strike time to converge
From Valparaiso, with love

So together, all of us see the stars above, are awed by life designed by Divine Mind
Signs seen through space, regardless of time zones
Night or day, our praises rise like resurgent waves, our unity a praise
Thousands of miles apart, closer than a linking of hands
We are a life, a voice, a flame to illuminate
Let us, in oneness shine as saints, to show the world
Let them know that Christ is greater than creed, greed, boundary stones or skin tones
Christ is for us, all; Christ makes us his, makes us one.


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