Do I begin with me or do I begin with God? I wonder.

Well I heard He was the architect of life no wonder the battle line was drawn from birth, because it seems like every free breath He gave was a sword fight for survival. Blood thirsty “me and others” doing all we can to win territories.

Let me show you how we fight in life for life, it’s like gasping for breath in breath; till we eventually go from life with breath, to no breath, to death and finally leave the earth just for foes to waltz through our boarders, or at best we ‘will’ it to some close others, would you really call this living? I mean look at him

He would work at being the best, no time for leisure, ‘forget that fellowship thing’ he’d say… ‘I came to school to learn, that’s the aim of this phase’, so now all those monotonous years amount to this,  WHAT NEXT? Why this rat race? Ok he would use this certificate, get a job I mean shooting at these grades must score a point!

Well at least he wasn’t like us who would bask in the arms of deception, speak the language of the brothel, drip the poison of narcotics, embracing and embraced by mass frolicking with filth and savouring the spoils of wasted years…Now there’s a next step to take, and it seems like doing this all over again is stupid…  WHAT NEXT? Why this rat race?

We have been going in circles so now we feel boxed in and have only earned the gloves to fight but since we don’t care about anyone, alas no opponents, we are left throwing punches at ourselves, getting high in moments like we are eagles on mountain tops just to fall back face-down to depression, is there no end?

Or shouldn’t there be like a peak to all these guilty pleasures? That height where we would get to and eventually burst into freedom?

I heard of a lady who was told that indeed there was an ultimate! ‘A place of rest’ they said… ‘a place of rest you say?!’ her eyes lit up with excitement. Get married, have kids, make sure He is rich! Then you’d have eternal life…. Don’t look at her that way, that’s how it sounded. So now she is home, three screaming kids, a dirty house and a dog, murder threats lurking in her heart, ready to kill those who gave her this false gospel; a story of total abundance and satisfaction once you choose to journey east to the plains of Jordan, only to become lots wife, joining a group of lost wives who just wanted to fill their slot so they cast their lots and escaped to marriage only to get caught in the acts. Now looking back in time it would show life had taken its toll on these pillars of salt and getting out would give you a divorce label by the same ones who preached this gospel to you, sharing what was on their minds and tagging you in comments like “over aged singles” which made you aim to please social networks of friends, now you see the set-up and realized Abraham’s choice of taking it slow at greener-pass-views was better so I ask WHAT NEXT?

this is WHAT’s NEXT

I heard an enthusiastic one say one time that life had been called into dry bones before, where though one could have so much or even have none that person would have enough.

Where deep voids were levelled with unimaginable peace. The fellow spoke of this Jesus. The one who would mend broken hearts and calm raging storms of suicidal thoughts for no just cause.

Oh wait,

 There is a cause, he said Christ did it because He is so in love with us.

Permit me to laugh, it made no sense… but then I encountered the words that broke my soul and conquered this stone now turned heart, how any man that believed was made new… and I became this one that speak to you with a clear view; now do I begin with me or do I begin with God?

I have done me for so long to realize there are no escape routes but one. The ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH and ONE LIFE that holds dearly those who would dare to believe that He has paid for all the mistakes they make trying to survive this rat race and give up their no life for His grace, His life of total peace.

I am not saying the storms would be over, but I firmly promise that you would never ship-wreck while riding with Him, because while your life loses breath and stops in death, His life ends in eternity, “whenever that is”

I know you have tried for so long but have never come to making a good decision, now you have that chance to do so.

So next time I draw a portrait of those to whom I ask ‘WHAT NEXT” you wouldn’t be found within the frames of my picture.

Choose Jesus, get a life now!!!




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