Its the weirdest thing man never fully knows, very slyly insults
The big wide need of the universe, counterfeited too much to simply see
But I thought we shared in it while we sat under the tree, together
The age blew gusts of ascending feelings, launched us up above gravity
The thing tingling in me with your eyes’ gaze nailed on mine
Our lives so drawn into us, we said we’ll never end, we’ll never age, fade
Heaven must be love infinite, God’s eternity the unimaginable bettering of this thing spectacular
Pictures flew easily in and out, about our circular lock, hands held, to stay
I was so happy

Today, the grasses stand in the sun, slitting its rays to million bits
Taller than me, as I sit and stare into the distance, the riviera of my dreams
I’m longing, just wishing and waiting and wanting, along these lines, blades
Where I am is an afternoon time of jammed lines, gibberish signs, mines
Dead traffic and obstacles, an infinite distance
I’m too far away from you, and its hard to take
I’m so near you, but my sight has failed enough to obscure your figure
I try to fight my way through to you, but with every step, the miles grow longer
With every breath, I sense the end of life is near
Why should I be far away from you, my dearest love?
Pain spasms rip through my heart, my cry roars across the plains, spans
A melancholy wail raises the dust, rides on as winds carry through
You can be found, surely you can, my lost love, my love lost!
My heart is bleeding, dying slowly, scares me to death
come running, I’m fallen, barely breathing now, fast losing hope!

There’s nothing like the thundering of the earth, the shaking underneath feet
Not the grand display I fancied would fit your return, my coming home
But its fine, all’s right, you’re finally here again
Love has not died, the cosmos’s still held together, the authentic has won
I cannot now be ecstatically wild, play high emotion for the unveiling of you
But I smile humbly, give up the chase, the run away, obscuring struggle
Landing into you, happy to forget I’m grown
I’m a child, its great, I’ve found truth
We have clashed, I’ve lost, you’ve won me over.


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