Crosswords that point us homewards, our lives, as stacks of scenes
I’m stuck in the middle, spindles that spawn yarns across here, there, the between the fabric sweeping
I’m the man now, boy was, sage intending, will be, God willing
Or else, disillusioned, despaired, desperate, death-like thirst, request
There’s here, sparks flying from me, strings spring through, multiple crosses, sent forthwith
There’s there, stuck to me, attached yet departing from, friends, foes, part of life
Other worlds, words said tell of them, of other minds
They think, seem similar, yet so varied, vacillating between vicissitudes
Like me, they recount times, temporal, they envision the eternal
At times I smile and muse about mushy themes, things about these realms
Its fine when they help me out, when they make my life like tasty tapestry
Its other times when they lay my longings waste, ruin my rites, rent my robes
The implication is that I lose love for connectivity and social medium
I crumple into a shapeless ball of fury-bathed porcupine
I let go of the big picture, the us-fixture, the bio-psycho-mixture
Discuss turns discourse, then tends to inveigle, to ride on polemic, phillipic
Tear away, well up with tears, raining astray courses upon face
Return to dull single soul bubble

The other parts of “things” apart from “I” and “T” for “these”, I’ll read
The breezy steads, busy streets, snaking strips of city traffic
There’s more, about birds whistling, about dears browsing, about goats bleating
The whole life of nature, the whole spice of meteors driving as though to strike grasslands
The awe I find, of the days that slowly pass, the joys and pains that relit my head’s lightbulb

If life was just for me, it’ll be free of fast heartbeats, in need of every other thing
I’ll walk through nothingness, be lost in blank bland coldness
Weightless, valueless, not linked, without springs, without wintery excitement
But here, what I do is the extension of another’s life story
What I see is the unfolding of days seen
by me and others
If only we can meet to stick together, let the portions of our thoughts and walk merge again
If only we understand one as a piece, and all as part of a puzzle
Fix these perfectly by letting our strengths be gifts to each other
Let our faults be filled in by other’s love, until we all are collectively strong
If only we abandon the frame of mind that revolves around “me”
If Christ’s self is all we could be birthed into
One person at a time
Then all of us for all of eternity
If only.


2 thoughts on “DEMISE OF THE JIGSAW

    • alexanderiyke1 says:

      Thank God you did! Thanks. And may we continually find the space in one another’s lives that God has called us to come in and help with…and actually get on with the business of doing so.


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