The Void

We  all were once standing in this congregation
So excited to see what’s next in preparation
For what we do not know
Uncertainties of life
Strugglings  yet unsure of
With both fingers crossed and in our thoughts
And still here in   wonder of what’s next
The confidence we have gained, the mistakes we’ve made
Trying to appear again as “up next”
In line with the hope for a different result “yes”
Not  to be as crime but prime
Within  our hearts are dreams and goals
All mixed with stories untold
Still with our heads up for what’s not
The official guest did not show up
The now immortalized mortal is dead
And so,  our hope “dropped dead
Seeking for something..or someone
Who fills the emptiness we feel
That thirst, that hunger
That has driven many to  the yonder, the yawning hell
With many jogging down there
Trying to love to fill it
But it ends up in lust,hate and war
With the things that seems tangible in our hands
Slipping away through our fingers
Grasping for all these
Like a man gasping for his last breath
Oh the feeling
That even the air we breathe is toxic
To our hearts
Causing an uncontrolled cough of hurt and anger
Still the emptiness is
What can we do to live at peace?
Though we don’t show it
But this is it!
Well, doesn’t this statement ring a bell?
The men that Peter words held
Not just Peter, but Philip as well
What can we do to be saved?
And be free from this disease worse than AIDS
The God-void syndrome
Without Him,
As empty a drum is
So shall you be
In Him you find wonderful discoveries and more
It is just a change of mind from the crow to the eagle that soars
To accept defeat of flesh
And the feet of Him instead
To the belief of all possibilities
And secured destinies
To rest in real peace
The reason to seek

All written in a mysterious love letter
Inspired by my best friend, HolySpirit
Surprised right?
That’s what happens
When what you step into all seems bright!


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