The office block’s swarming with us, we’re into session, we’re working on figures
They’re the bosses, they tell us to break courses, those we’ve ridden thus far
I’m in the dock on this one, living large, but bugged by looming detour, recourse to blurs
We must cover up, be clowns, be circus dons, dunces to diabolical deeds, collective thieves
Let them burn, the lies they try to style, strategize about saying, making mean mines
Even if it means my dreams and things burn to ashes

They drew me in, circled about my way, cut me out
Tight spot
They put me on the podium, played the prank, told me to choose between being chaste, and its loss in a haste
Worst cost
They set their eyes on me, watched for the roses to rot, lest they detest and unfriend me
I stuck to it, shooed him off, fixed my eyes on Him
They labelled me fool, fanatic, fashionless, left me friendless
I’ll stay firm, even if the real cost is the loss of all my company

Where there’s much, shoulders may rise high, heads may blow wide
The busts of me are cut, praise of me is sang, I struggle to keep my show hung
The noise gains momentum, calls for me to come off that race, to cause my wheels to come off
I’ll just remember my bones and a broad street beggar’s aren’t dissimilar
They’ll call, kick, curse for more of me, but less of me and more of Him I’ll be, give

You will never run from the battlefield
The soldier will stand his ground, advance with trumpet’s sound
Surfing as held, firm and free through battering sea waves, never wavering
Fear may rise to sink us, sap us clean of resolve, make us revolve around silly temporal precepts
We’ll stay the course, we’ll win the war, we’ll sing the victory song
For to us has been given this great grace
This grace we have, to cycle over fire.


2 thoughts on “CYCLING OVER FIRE

    • alexanderiyke1 says:

      Thanks for the compliment. The flames of worldly trials will show us faithful and resolute in our devotion to our God, by His grace!


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