Red flames fanned by black youth swooped upon by cops
Swarm of stinging bees, frenzied fleet footed folks fleeing yellow striped devils
Brown bellicose locusts lashing land fertile, riding it of greenery, lush and lustre
Thieves break in, steal, bully, beat black and blue
Royalty purpled, plundering grey glum peasants, paupered people
White supremacists strangle flowing human sympathy, stifle togetherness
Molten magma reddens and blackens to soot and shreds and ash
Multicoloured world torn to pieces by earthquakes of no rhyme, unrhythmic bells, disputes
Disagreement, nonalignment, misconstrued symbols, dim colours, yes, pale light
Eyes misty, barely seeing, poorly conceiving

Like patterns unraveling, the web of existence has come upon tanglement
The intricate, the delicate, delightful dance in unison, now  nonsensical cacophony
Once creation, now graffiti, confetti declaiming splattered paint, wreck
Failed state
Until the Artist decided to redo the work

Today, its still stripes of unmatched hues, woeful shades
But the sun strides stately through the sky
Leaping into place, diving at pace, dividing days
There’s the uniting beyond races, as racing for the eternity beyond takes center stage
Raised stakes have raised hopes of life, of a portrait full of boom and bloom
Redrawing, reuniting, redefining, making harmonic
No longer macho men, blue boys, dominating pinkish girly frail and fragile
Sinking these caricatures, sucking them down the drain
No longer race riots, logo disputes, whitewashed walls and public slates for rebel artists
Its the masterstroke from sweeping swab and dabble, dimples and dots, reconnected points
Laid down guns and grumpy gloominess
Lively bright colours, life inspired, remade, done again, gone no more
The night will again sparkle with a million stars across space above
We will see it all and remember our togetherness
We will see this and remember the world our God made
The coming age, creation restored, made beautiful in His eyes.


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