Stay only a little while, and it’ll be done
The thing called telling it all, called calling it for what it is
Hang around the grounds of apologetic sounds, whispering rounds
Passing plates in communion, sharing shreds of extras and experience
Filling ears and bellies with speech, acquaintance, and sauce
Building bonds, bringing rallying songs
Making us see us as one fond fold
One tight family
Let this time last, past sunset
Let the dawn break upon our unity

So stay just a while yet, and see
All that feverish hiding away slowly depart
The arms around you and handing to you will reveal calm
Assuredness, peace and exuberance exuded in ease and passion
Gentle jests, candid corrections, beyond fraternal, above spatio-temporal
Eternal, traversing ages, surpassing mortal cages, human limits, proud digits
Those phalanges that toil all alone, of a single soul that moans
Decries solitary trudges, but recoils from gathered brothers, sticks up borders, does bother
Kicks herself for staying away, feigning apathy, masking the wide yearning yawn
At the end of this brazen brawl with obvious obsession stalled
You’ll no longer mask that need, but you’ll bask indeed
The seed will sprout, that which we sow with the exclamation “hello!”
You’ll be seen within the cluster that love does muster
As lights fly through the room, breaks burdensome rules, lets love rule
Slowly, surely, ultimately, the compassionate sacrifice will form in you
So you’ll be, like us, chasing down the shy, those who cry, even the hostile
So you’ll be like us, like Him, like Christ who gave us the beautiful life.

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