I look at cheering children waving wildly
Time stands still, then turns tidily to past periods
Pleasing tunes fill my ears, pure feelings fly through from the within
The world when I was an avid dreamer, innocent, impressionable
The field in which I played peacefully, rowdily rocking, running kid
Days of sunlight, brightness, breezy stillness, joy overwhelming
Nothing dampened by life’s weary shades, all shaded by trust
Belief simple, straightforward conception, uninjured heart
Today I remember, and think of bygone beauty, lost love
Evaporated essence

This is the era of energetic grinding to a halt
Battles to brew bragging rights, treks to thrive, to survive
Glass paned building of dizzying highs, might, defiant, arrogant
Flawed floured thatched shacks and shanties, lowly, must avoid
Pursue purpose packed and stacked as material, as showforms
Edibles and raised shoulders and pumped out chests, plus yachts
If need be
They were there, some needed, when I was younger
But now, no longer childish or simple, I am complex and compelled
Completely taken by sharper focus upon the world’s wants and wannabes
I had stage frights for fearful eyes
I have stage frights for finished ego
It was once nature’s patterns that intrigued me
Its now ultimate questions that jolt my conscience
I am rich, yet paupered
Because counting coins may picture greed, not humble learning
The sweetness is gone with innocence
I now smile wickedly, but detest that look on my face

I want the life back
All of the great adventures a carefree child undertakes
All of that freedom to fly further afield, fearlessly too
All of the nice smells from Christmas packages and dishes to savour
All of the looking forward to my loving Father’s return
I know He’ll bring me gifts I’ll delightfully devour, experience
He’s sure to take me up from my standing point
To raise me up from the rough patch of present wrinkles
To toss me into sky high joy, in jubilance for our victory
And place me on His shoulders, where true rest always will be.



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