Jesus, son of David, thou art Messiah, exemplar ultimate
Thine hands hath borne my iniquities, thrust them aside, made them as waste
There at Gehenna, where I should, barring this, rot eternally
Save that you saw it as sufficing, to raise my face from mud-slung past preoccupation
Jesus, son of the Most High, now I have hope
I have a life, one which cannot be destroyed
Jesus, my hope is you, my mind doest thread steady beats, silent, soft, longing
For thy presence is like the curdling hand of a million safe hands upon one single soul
Upon one otherwise bereft, struck fella
Jesus, Light, Grace, Life, my joy is that thou art near

Hear now, dear friend, my faintest heart’s greatest plea here present
The way you have shown, but more saviours proclaim themselves now
They say they hear you, louder than my ears could even pretend
They paint portraits striking, yet diverse and different
Yes, I see the way, but the waves follow in swift pursuit
Yes, I see the brightness showing forth, shading away darkness
But in response, dear Lord, darkness hath now taken course in shades varying
To confuse, to disrupt, to set ablaze fires strange to quench my fiery desire
My once burning thirst for your un-refashioned person
Now, my head is turned by chandelier glows several and once
By beeps and blares and roars
By fighting over what constitutes ideal life
The crowd moves with fury, to fatal end
But the groups, though small, fare none the better
I must choose, dear Lord, but the choosing is not the hard part
The choice is, the ordeal which bends my conscience to breaking point
They are, in apparition convincing, but they are, to clear gaze, deathly
None gives life, none is yours, none adores you in truth
God, my Life, the noise of the world keeps me in fear of living thus
So now, do mercifully quell it to silence
Or lead me to quiet streams, where the living waters flow without end
The pandemonium rages, but farther away from it, do take me now
The peace great and dearly craved for is ahead
Do guide me hither, to you.


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