My Testimony

Bound by immorality
My mind full of depravity
Pulled from immortality
Not my immortality
But that which can only be given by the Almighty
My soul suffered brutality
From faith’s number one adversary

Though I never truly wanted any of these activity
And fought it with all dexterity
I still had this proclivity
You could also call it a natural propensity
To toe the line of the adversary
The one they code named Lucy
Whose job it is to make evil look juicy
Till you submit your soul to him through the delivery

And once you’ve given him that authority
He would then make your life a misery
Swapping the juicy feel with peppery
So that he could lead you to apostasy
And for some others blasphemy
All the while subtly raising himself an army

I had hit all levels save two… apostasy and blasphemy
And that was when I had the epiphany
From the words of the Almighty
That I could be granted amnesty
If I only give Him authority
And understand that my life is His property
That He would make my life so juicy
Much more than was offered me by Lucy

I immediately submitted to His authority
And my life once again became juicy
I was freed from the shackles of immorality
And purged of all depravity
Now I have LIBERTY
But most importantly a great place in ETERNITY

So I speak to those of you who have been held bound by Lucy
Just hand your life over to the Almighty
All He needs is your loyalty
And He’ll make your life all juicy and salty
Give you LIBERTY
And reserve a place for you in ETERNITY


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