My favourite Avatar

While reminiscing on what he said over three months ago, it finally hit me. Who’s my favourite Avatar? Now mind you I ain’t really into the whole “The last air bender” Avatar Aang “ish” movie. I asked my siblings who their favourite Avatar was and why? Really heard some interesting things I must say. But I had to find my own favourite Avatar…

So I decided to embark on a research for me to pick/choose my own answer. To get this answer I had to consider all the Avatars both known and unknown.

So what’s the basic requirement that qualifies one to become  an Avatar?
– You must be a bender (that is the ability to manipulate or change the state of a certain substance)

To find the first ever recorded bender in the history of the World I had to search deep in history and what better place to start searching other than the oldest and most trusted book on the face of the Earth.

And there I found them, six of them; the only real life Avatars with flesh and blood flowing through them not them cartoon-ish characters that you guys all love and adore.

The first of them was termed the meekest man on the face of the Earth according to the book. His history points to the fact that he was from the water tribe ‘cos he was born and then placed in water and the first thing he ever bent was water. Turning every atom of water in a certain land to blood… Now that’s the height of bending, not only did he gain control of water but he also changed it to a totally different fluid. He also did part a certain sea in two for his tribes people to cross the sea while leading them to their promised land.

The second on the list who was an understudy of the first character is quite a queer fellow in the sense that this dude mastered the art of controlling what no one before or after him ever controlled. He made the Sun stand still!!! That’s just dope! Based on what he bent, I honestly can’t place what tribe he’s from.

My third Avatar is from the fire nation, a man who I’ll call the Lord of the fire nation during his time. This man called fire down out of nothing… Absolutely nothing! This man is unlike any fire bender before or after him, for this man conjures fire out of nothing unlike them fire benders that need a touch of fire to work their magic…

The fourth character just like the second was an understudy of the third bender though he’s from the water tribe and one of his recorded feats was bending the same river his master “The Fire Lord” bent. He also is a metal bender making the head of an axe float on water and bending water itself.

The next on the list happens to  be the first ever recorded air bender commanding the North, South, East and West winds to come together to breathe life into a valley of… Yep, you got it, dry bones.

Now, the last and definitely the “bestest” and greatest by my opinion. The only Avatar who didn’t need to consult the “Avatar Spirit” for guidance on what to do next ‘cos he himself was the greatest Avatar Spirit in human form… A man who bent water into wine, turned clay to healing instruments, walked on water… Commanded the wind.

A Soul bender; bending it from the damned to the redeemed…

A Life changer; changing it from one full of negativities to one full of positivities…

A death conqueror; the only man to have successfully conquered death…

And… A life giver; the only man whose name can give life…

He is my favourite bender…
My favourite Avatar

Need I say the name of the book?


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