Letter to you, my dearest friend

Its about the thousandth time I’ve written you, the umpteenth time I’ve corresponded. The world hasn’t changed much from your days down here with us; that is, apart from fast food and fast cars and fast info. And pretty much everything else being a bit faster than they used to be. So they say we have to keep up with the times, just to keep on keeping on. Whatever that means. Besides that, nothing much to say about the place we’re at.

And yes, the world does have us now. Its been like a promising revolution, with many people joining in and getting in on the act, on the fun, and on the mudslinging that comes our way as well. while its true that this last part turns many off and makes them take on their heels (away from us) we’re not fearful or freaked out. You told us it’ll be so, and we know what to expect. In the end, we’ll win, and everyone will know for sure that we’ve found the ultimate truth, the only truth that there is: you.

Of course, that’s not why I’m writing to you now, my Lord. I’ve told you about these things in my previous letters. The thing is, I am amazed at how far we’ve come. How far we’ve fallen.

In the early days after you left us here, we had the memory of your voice so strong, that we thought we could hear you, feel you near, feel you breathe on our skin. The fiery passion we saw in your eyes, in your deeds, was alive in us, as though you had passed it all on to us. And you did. As you had promised. But its almost all gone now.

Our lives have become riddled with and wrecked by concerns bodily and material, mental and egotistical. Our gaze have fallen from you, as the waves of our high speed lives batter and smash into our safe spots, tossing us off and away. We still have the faint memory of your words, the admonition to “love one another”, not to be “burdened by the concerns of this life”, and to always “draw near to you”. They are no more than anthems now. So we are sick with the world’s poison of selfishness and sick with nostalgia for our original love: you, not ourselves. No wonder the world no longer takes us seriously. They think we’re hypocrites.

Lord, the replies you send lit up our hearts a bit. They come like a spark, reminiscent of the things you said to us while you were here with us. We are repentant, we are filled with joy, we feel better. But only for a while.

Help us Lord. Come to our aid. Remind us of the great gifts you gave us, everything you said, everything we’ve lost. Bring us to our knees, raise us up, and make us strong again in you. All of us send this plea. As individuals, and together.

Thanks, loving friend for your care and your strength. For your life. We’ll be together always. Because you’ve made it so.



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