Oh Manessa!
Hear my cry
My voice is feeble and dry
You have listened enough to words of defying meaning
Would you harken the words that are living?
Behind the mask you wear
I see the concealed pains
And the confusion you try to refrain
Eyes sore with heart quaked sob
You couldn’t have gotten enough sleep! No
Awakened every night you stay
Stirring thoughts to reason
Nights age into the blossom of morning
But its radiance is darkened by your mourning
In the orgies of anxiety, you spend empty days
The more you go astray
You see;
Your dreams are tall
Yet in its pit you fall
Self pity purges your path
Self seeking that which taints your vision
Lies forms a castle
Pretense mounts into storeys
Anger and wrath weaves into a coat of many dark colors
You know them all
So why worry so much about your looks?
When in the nebulous darkness
You entertain all filthy thoughts
So ugly!
Not as he talketh
But as a man thinketh in his heart,so is he
Saint in appearance
Flirt in mind
This ways are not right in the sight of Christ
No! Daughter I condemn you not
I see the bruises in those knees you have so bowed
I hear your cries of plea calling heaven for mercy
I see the guilt that smears your conscience; you are tired!
Your throats sore; you are thirsty!
Your stomach churns;you are hungry!
Did you hear him say
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled”
Oh Manessa!
Do you see the light
There is bread and living water for you
Yes! The word! A balanced balance diet
Eat girl; labour in it!

Use it; meditate it;think it

Say it at the appearance of evil
Fight daughter fight!
Your life is of Christ’s
Accept the word He has planted in your heart
It is very able to save your soul
You are hungry Manessa
Eat deeply of the word
Yes! Over eating is allowed!

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