coconunt christian

Today March 19th ,2015, I was with choristers of Covenant University ,which I proudly belong to. We were praying for our concert which is to take place on the March 22nd ,2015 titled IN HIS PRESENCE. This is a much talked about program that we started preparation for months ago but on this faithful day as the children of God were praying the only thing I heard was that we are COCONUTS. This got me thinking, and I asked myself, why I should be thinking of such but it kept ringing and during a prayer point I understood the meaning…

Now let me explain this to you how I was explained to, I will try and make you understand but you need the understanding of God to make this work. You and I know that there are many sides to a coconut that makes it a COCONUT. Firstly, from the tree it has a green bark, then a brown bark which is rough, has sharp thorns and quite hard. We then have the inner part which is also brown but smooth, the white part which many people love then the water which I don’t still understand how it got in. Now as Christians we are in our green stage when Christ paid a price HE did not owe, by buying us from the devil and freeing us from his(devil) bondage, we enter the next stage with the rough bark of the coconut when we do not get our lives to Christ and we do all sought of things, why? Because we don’t care about God who paid the price and we also don’t know how much he cares but when we get to care and realize how much HE(JESUS) loves us and cares for us we then enter the next stage which is the smooth brown back: Christians who pray, speak in tongues, attend church meetings and programs but still listen to worldly music, still keep malice, still lie, still cheat, still do so much that is not right. now you may be asking me what is right ? I believe what is right is what you do and the Spirit of God in you and the presence of God in you do not frown at it and still will give you a lending hand. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The next not to bore you is the white part ,this is when you have overcame your flesh, when the stirring of waters can happen by you, when men and women will see the fulfillment of prophecies, like when the scriptures said greater works shall ye do. This is a stage that when men and women see you they would call you blessed, because why, you are as the white as a coconut inside and milky as it is when stewed without its back. At this stage you are ready to explode in singing, writing, dancing etc. When this takes place the water in which we do not know how it entered would break lose and people would experience the flow of God in you, the regular question would be how did she/he become this famous, rich, intelligent, anointed .etc. But all this has always been in us because the Bible says HE called us to be the sons of God, so when you are a son of GOD,which means you have the same blood and genotype as GOD and work under the function and auction of that GOD works.

That is where the fulfillment of the scriptures starts to take place and people call you BLESSED.

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