Maybe, its You

Your head is at a dead end

Your heart sick at a hurt bend

You’ve descended steep and fast to final loss

You’re finding your steel nerves have given, can only gloss

Look aside, apart from yourself, and find love here

Never far, always standing there

Firm and fierce and strong enough to care

More than frail hearts of men ever could dare

For, I have found that

When a man loves his bride, he would lay down his life

The irony lies in death, when love should give life

Once upon a time, a man loved me so much, he died for me to live

Since then I kept dying everyday that he may live

The death he died for my life,I’m dying for his life

But either way, we just can’t be separated

Together,we’re one, together, we’re alive!

As the world sees it

Separated words like sub-lime should taste bitter sour

Separated worlds like hot Mercury, luke-warm jupiter, or

Separated walls with thick thickness with layed bricks and great heart fitness

But forget all that; we are of a different class

Repping Christ, full assurance of a confirmed right

Taking notes as He dictates our civil rights

Piling up divine assignments like looting battle boxes, blame our phobia to fright

See I’m a bride whose bride price set worlds at war

It took a ressurection to marry me, full debt paid in totality

So when you ask the Devil who Christ is,

He looks at me and remembers cheque-mate!

Christ died for my living

Now that’s Death-Grace and I love Him!

Sometimes I wonder

How its displayed for us all to see

Yet we choose to ignore the truth, the reality

Its so simple, yet we hoplessly try to mystify it

We say we do not agree to its methodology

But everyday we step out that open door

We take on a desperate search for love

So I wonder

I wonder if we prefer the world for what it is

If the so-called rigteous kills are worth it

If a hungry soul’s plea we still feel

If we prefer to watch them die in their sins

I wonder: if love wont drive us, what will?



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