I thought I understood what the “world’s end” meant

When I saw you breathe your last , have your last gasp

My plans for us vanished, the road ahead, now lonely

The skies blackened, the stars falling down

My face in my hands, my shoulders quaking, shaken

Blown apart, in pieces

My love for you made me see you as beautiful,as unmatched, peerless

Priceless, valued over great pearls and dales and ecstasies

The world, it appeared, was ours to take together

For even death could not part us

I wonder if I will ever see you again

Neither the picture of you lying lifeless, nor my head upturned, can halt it

Nothing, not the crumpling of dried leaves dead by harmattan’s haze

Never even the fading of whitewashed walls or the tastelessness of stale salt

No demise on earth, no matter the sort

Will take away the gift my God has placed in my heart

Though you be gone, even when my emotions are worn and torn

The unclarity of our fallen world will not confuse me

I am resolute, my God is faithful

Your memory is strong, but it also reminds me more

There are uncountable folks, whose lives must be touched

Who have never had the love we shared in our time together

As you gave me the idea that first time you kindly paid my debt

And got us into small talk that blew into bond so great, so strong

I will show them now, in memory of you, the wonder of a life given

Of sacrifice and of friendship

And of hope which even death cannot quench

God does, you did, and I must do likewise.

4 thoughts on “LOVING AFTER YOU

  1. alexanderiyke1 says:

    Hello, Ugochi. Thanks for your comment. The poem is actually about being inspired by the loving example of close friends who have passed on. Its intended to pass the message of remembering such as these, not just by speaking kindly of them or setting up monuments in their memory, but giving our lives in service. Especially to those “who have never had the love we shared”. As you hinted in your comment, there’s also a pointer to the life we live in honour of our Lord….the difference here being that He is alive.
    God bless you!


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