So full of myself,
Crawling upon the waters
The darkness envelopes
The pressure develops
I’m born again! Thrice have I received Christ
My soul groans
My body yearns
The photo of the crucifix is on my wall
I look, but no
It’s not in pictures
The life of Christ is not in images
I’ll surely tear off that photo
If after all, I fall victim of lust
And my four-day old Christian life is lost
I grab the chaplet lain on my table
Perhaps, I’ll sin no more
My heart pounds, the rhythm is faster
The life of Christ is not in symbols
Smoking, women, alcohol
I gave up all these three months ago
I gave them all up again
Three days ago
But I still feel them, and want them
In between the darkness and the pressure
I stand, shrouded in sin
Expressing desires, I long let go

3 thoughts on “AWAKENED DESIRES

  1. Godswill says:

    Okay, for one I think I once wrote a poem like this because I was in fact in the same shoes and now my testimony stands strong thanks to work of the trinity on me. Stepwise, here is what i recommend, Certify your salvation in Jesus by making a conscious decision to follow HIM wherever that may lead. Then make a decision to stop those recurrent habits and then handover the battle to Jesus.

    So in essence I am saying don’t fight the feeling that’s Gods part to handle, just make ensure to say no (in word and deed) when the temptation comes then leave the rest for HIM. It doesn’t make much sense but so far its been working for me so I do think it should be of help to any willing person


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