FAITH; why yours did not work

Have you ever had faith for something and it did not work? Have you ever sincerely asked God for something and it just did not happen? Have you set your heart on a promise you held on to for a long time and used up your faith bank but in the end it seems as if God has failed you? In fact looking at your heart from here I can tell that the only reason why you have not resolved to say that God is unfaithful is because of your fear in His ability to strike you.
Well that is exactly what this teaching is for; let us take a short prayer; Father we ask that at the end of this teaching, we will know exactly why our faiths have failed us at some point, help us in Jesus name, Amen.

Let me start like this; people had often said that they had faith and it did not work but I want to say that faith always works. The bible said ‘let God be true and let every man be a liar’ so forgive me if I have chosen to believe the words from God instead of yours. Plus I know that when He said we could move mountains with a mustard seed faith, He totally meant it.

So before we continue our journey to knowing why our assumed faith did not work, let us pause a little to check what faith is, because most people who have claimed to have had a failed experience with faith simply have never had faith in the first place.

Haven said that, here is the definition; now FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN.
If we can spend some time to re-read that definition, you will realize just how weird it truly is.

Let me leave the EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN for now, because our human knowledge has always taught us that all substantial EVIDENCE has to be tangible, well you can’t touch it if you can’t SEE it, but faith actually says otherwise. Let us go on.

One reason faith does not work is because we have not HOPED, and then some of us will just stop at hoping. That is it, you cannot get it to happen if you do not hope and patiently wait for it. Remember Abraham? Who had hope against hope, I mean hope literally stopped hoping but Abraham hoped on, He believed that He who has promised was also able to fulfill it. Now some of us will just hope or believe for something, but just believing will not get it done it is just a first step. See BELIEVING IS IN THE FUTURE, it is anticipation, FAITH IS IN THE PRESENT. It is like believing I will give you some money, it can come or not but you do not have the money when you believed, you have it when I pay up but faith is God saying He will give you some money, now you have it and then He will surely deliver. ‘ONE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE FAITH IN MAN’.

Another reason why that faith did not work is because you are not asking right, which means you are not exactly having faith. The bible says that ‘faith comes by hearing, and HEARING the word of God. You cannot be faith-full if you lack knowledge on what you are having faith on. For example, you need to have an unwavering knowledge that Christ died for your sicknesses before you can ask sickness out of your system. The sickness will not respond to the thing you heard in church, in fact; if what the pastor said is all you know about sickness then you will doubt yourself along the line, unless you have allowed the word to sink and you have opened the bible to confirm it beyond doubts in your heart. Let me put it like this, if faith was a machine, the word of God is the grease that keeps it running, so you see? You cannot just stop reading the word or make it seasonal because we do have situations calling us to have faith daily.

Which brings me to the person of Jesus, HE is the word and if that belief is outside of Him, be sure it is not faith.

I will also like to add something here, keeping to the words we say to others will increase your ability to trust in others. If you do not always take your words serious, you will always find it hard to take someone by their words, even God.

The next reason why faith seemed not to work is that faith goes with prayer. I will be very brief here, some people will have so much faith in God, believe with their whole heart, even fast and never come to make a request in the name of Jesus and then I am left to wonder.

Now the last but certainly not least, in fact I will consider it the most important is that you do not love.

Yes I said it, LOVE.

Not the love your friends and kill your enemies love, but the love your enemies kind of love. If we can truly have this God kind of love, most of the things we want to have faith for will just fall in place. Some people seek healing and get prayed for, hands have been laid, they have spent sleepless nights in the word, but their eyes have been closed to just forgiving that fellow who has deeply hurt them.
Read Galatians 5:6 and in 1John 3:14, the word said that Love is an assurance that we have crossed from death to life. Not tongues, not working of miracles, not great faith, but the simple act of true love. I read through Corinthians one time, and I had to stop and wonder when I was told that there is FAITH, HOPE and LOVE but then the greatest is LOVE. You see? Great faith will not only come by great prayer, or greater believing it will work through the golden rule of LOVE.

The only clause that Christ put in the Lord’s prayer was ‘forgive us, as we forgive others’, I am sure someone’s mind is already racing, please do forgive that person if you want to have faith.

So if we can pray, read the word and live in Love, we will have all the right compassion to ask on behalf of others and also build a capacity to exercise for ourselves and then we will see all we want done in Christ come to pass. I wondered why Christ always seemed to have everything going for Him and then the sweet Holy Spirit said to me, well He did love the world before He even came to earth.

I hope I was helpful, this message is not for us to give up or feel condemned, let me mention here that I have actually been disappointed in faith, but now I know better and I have seen that the reason those prayers were not answered was never God’s fault. So be encouraged, and let your testimonies come in,
God bless you


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