The Shepherd, The Overseer, and The Soul

Words are costly
but this book
is free!

A book for the soul is a book for your life.

The Shepherd, The Overseer, and The Soul

by Funmi P. Adebayo
Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations in this book
are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.
Electronic Edition, 2021
Digitally published by Christ A Poet Concepts
Copyright © 2021
All Rights Reserved

Pastor Funmi,
The way you explained the spirit, soul, and body is mind-blowing. This is not a book that should be rushed through. This book must be chewed and well digested again and again. I found myself going back to previous pages to catch rhema. Everyone needs this book. It is a must-have for every pastor!

– Adebola Onesi-lawani (Mama B)

Note from the Author

The truth provided in this book will serve as a great tool in your hand to successfully and with ease navigate your path through life. You will walk in God’s understanding about everything concerning you and never be confused again on any matter of life. All this will always put your heart at rest. So make sure you peruse this book for proper application afterward.

Meet Funmi

Funmi P. Adebayo is a lover of God, who has chosen to adamantly stick only to the teachings of Jesus Christ without any form of modification at all. He believes that the word should be given as original as possible; that when anyone tries to fine-tune some parts for whatever reason it may be, its potency will also be affected, and it will become less effective. He believes that God is intelligent enough and does not need for any to be suggestive before Him like He is wanting in knowledge and understanding about His creations. That when it looks as if God is asking us about some things, it is not because He does not know what to do, but rather because He wants to see how well we are maturing and making our heart be in sync with His.

Funmi P. Adebayo is a preacher of the gospel of Christ and believes that His gospel covers everything, as God is God of all things without an exemption at all. God has helped him found a ministry by the name, THE SIMPLE LIFE OF CHRIST MINISTRY (AKA THE RESTING PLACE), the platform through which God’s Spirit is helping him to reach out to the world with the simple message of Jesus Christ and by the demonstration of the Spirit and of power, which is solely for the defense and the confirmation of the same gospel of Christ.

Enjoy a chapter-by-chapter review

Chapter 1 Review

The human soul is eternal. It cannot be dissolved by death, unlike the human physical body. The soul is the representation of a man in the spirit realm. Therefore, what becomes of the soul of a man is the reality of that man! Chapter One (1) gives an excellent introduction to the spirit, soul, and body and how these three parts make up a man. With the help of Bible passages, the author tries to establish that the soul is the bridge between the spirit and the body and the heart and mind play a key role in the link.

Chapter 2 Review

Here, the mind is considered a signal analyzer. An example of a signal analyzer is an Oscilloscope, it’s a device that analyzes signals of different forms and has a wide application in different fields and professions today. From the author’s analysis, the mind acts as the signal analyzer while the heart takes the final decision.

Chapter 3 Review

The author focused on the soul and the spirit taking an opening scripture from Ezekiel 11:19-21 which pictured what happens after giving our lives to Christ.
A heart of flesh is given after we genuinely become born again making us to be able to accept God’s will. This chapter also revealed how our death started at the fall of man in the garden of Eden after Adam ate the forbidden fruit, “God said to Adam the day you eat of this tree you shall surely die” (Gen 2: 17).

Chapter 4 Review

Here the author emphasizes that it is not enough to just claim you believe in Jesus Christ. You must also prove that by obediently following Him. If you truly believe in Him, you will hear Him and do His sayings.

Chapter 5 Review

Chapter 5 clearly states the relationship the body has with the soul, stating expressly that there is a link between our soul and our bodies because the soul lives in the body, so man should be careful of that which he does with his body for he will give account. We are not of the world. No! But at the same, we are the light of the world and while we remain here we are to be in charge by and for our Lord Jesus Christ and make known the manifold wisdom of God to the principalities and powers among the celestial ones.

Chapter 6 Review

This chapter portrays clearly God’s desire for His children to be tameable and coachable just like the sheep. The sheep hardly deviate from the path channeled by the shepherd and are very cautious of intruders or strangers.

Chapter 7 Review

The final chapter of the book rounds off nicely with the author expounding on the good shepherd which is the name of Jesus Christ and depicts his leadership style. God is completely charismatic in his leadership; a strong communicator, empathetic and relatable, confident, motivational. This in return gives us joy, loveliness and makes resources available.