I found rags to cover up
I take the lonely road home
Trying to hold back tears
– Mum will be so angry –
I’m at the front door
And I can’t ring the doorbell
The door clicks open and Mum gasps
– What happened? –
– I don’t know –
I sob and drop to my knees
– Don’t worry honey, let me clean you up –
She picks me up and takes
Me to her bathroom, peels
The rags off me, picks out
The dying petals from my hair
And cleans off the ashes from
My body. She gently sponges
Me and shampoos my hair
I let out the tears
– I’m so sorry Mum –
– It’s okay honey, you’ll be fine –
I nod
– I love you, you know that right? –
I nod
When she is done, I look at
The bathroom mirror and touch
My face. I see the glow come into
My eyes, I smile and clean off my tears
– I love you –

IfiokAbasi Okop
© 2019

A chip of ice- for mum

Your teardrops would battle fiercely
From the corners of your eyes
They would force their way through
The rigid, unyielding valley of your eyelids
And when they fell
They would stab your cheeks, twist your nose
And sting the recesses of your jaw

Yet when they fell,
They were like the sudden rain that mocked the Sahara
Like the mango tree growing in the Arctic
They were a wonder, and so were you.
For you loved me
Like icy cold, angry waters hammering on rocks

From unbelievable heights, through the distance between us
Screaming, raging and filled with the frustration
That your decades had fed you
As you crisscrossed naked open seas, flogged by the sun
And through lush green forests
With dwindling mud tracks and filthy streams

Defying boulders and meanders that had beaten you into thin ice
And kept you on your tiptoes with your back bent
Trying to meet my needs
Through cold, dark nights when you slept
With the biting in your belly
With the uncertainty of worry
Yet you flowed, silent and rapid

Through the secrets you swallowed as you went by
And the hurts which never made you cry
And the sorrows you fought to bring forth life
With a charming smile on your face.
You shamed the hardness
That shaped your life
And you crashed against my rocky heart
With the weight of ages of ice
You flogged me, you tore me, you tested me
In my blindness, you were my foe
But I have received the warmth sparked
By the slap of your coldness
And I have melted in love
Your love is hidden in my heart of ice

Ndubuisi Chioma J
© 2019

End of the tunnel

Do you feel alone?
Zoned by doubt and fear, feel owned?
Praying for water to wash your stones?
Worry not! Your sins are atoned

Lost in this vast darkness?
Listen!!! HE says let there be light!
Why not re-invite to reignite your might
Let him cure your fright to catch your flight

She was made whole by HIS clothe
12 years!!! HE cured her flow
Defeated death by the touch of HIS hands
Sickness flees at HIS command

Are you at that crossroad?
The crossroad of giving up?
Why not cast your cares on HIM
Cos HE cares!

Olaoye Adeleye
© 2019

WWF-Seeking God’s Kingdom First.

Text: Matthew 6:31-34.
Let’s read it out loud to ourselves,

ESV:Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’
ESV:For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.
ESV:But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
ESV:Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

Let this be firmly settled in your heart, that God means what He says, and He says what He means. No matter what, He is ever true to His word. Never let this truth elude you, irrespective of your feeling. Believe it and don’t ever doubt it! If you are doubting it already, you must work on your mind for restoration.

Now Jesus Christ said we should not be anxious for anything. He says our heavenly Father knows that we need them all. But why are we not having these things supplied to us constantly? It’s surely because we are not fulfilling the conditions for it.

-First, we worry a lot. I don’t know how many haven’t worried about one thing or the other so far this week. So, you see, we are faulting the order. There is a distortion in the process. Somebody may say, “But if I don’t worry, what will I do then?

-Jesus says further to us to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness. He says when the order is kept this way, automatically all these things will be added to us. That’s exactly what to do! We are to be diving into God’s heart every time. We are to know how God wants us to comport ourselves ‘kingdomly’ in every situation. And that is not come by at once. The reason why the tense used in that 33rd verse is present continuous (from direct-Greek interpretation). I.e, Be ye seeking…

Brethren, the reason why many of us are not at the command of the supernatural is because we have not got it right on our seeking God’s kingdom first. God really desires for us to enjoy everything Jesus Christ paid the price for for us (and Jesus Christ actually paid the price for all things for us to enjoy God maximally), but He also wants us to understand how things work in the kingdom. So that we won’t get things messed up as we continue with our heavenly journey. He wants us to finish strong. He doesn’t want us to become a victim of the blessings He will give us. He wants us to control everything well, hence, the reason for a-must seek His kingdom first. We need to know the kingdom’s modus operandi, and carefully live by it daily.

See, if you reverse the order, by getting on anxiety business, this is what you will have: you will be trapped in the day-to-day evil. Let’s see that verse 34 again.
“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

From this word of Jesus Christ, God’s Spirit said to me, Anxiety traps a man in the day-to-day evil (trouble). If we let God’s order apply, God has put in each day an ability to worry for the things of itself, just to serve us, and men generally. So, when we stick to seeking God’s kingdom daily, then each day will have to take anxiety for the things of itself, just according to Jesus’ word. Then also all things will be added to us, as promised.

2Cor. 1:20
ESV: For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him (Jesus Christ). That is why it is through Him (Jesus Christ) that we utter our Amen to God for his glory

Beloved, please by the help of the Holy Spirit, pay attention to yourself daily, not to worry at all, that you may not be trapped in the evil of that day. Assess yourself daily on this. Train your brain into this truth now, for a faith-smooth ride for the rest of your life here in this present world.

Prayer: My Father, please, help me get it right as regards seeking first the kingdom of God and Your righteousness… Thank You, because I know that You are helping me now and always to walk in the fullness of my Lord Jesus Christ all my life, with all humility of heart. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I have prayed.

-Adebayo Funmi