The processed information from our hearts that gets to our mouth can either be bad or good, negative or positive, destructive or constructive. I have said that whatever form they take, you need to let them out.

Someone asked: Are we supposed to utter negative things out of our mouth?

I will try to answer this question here. My answer may not be absolute, but I think it will help you.

The last episode was a bit open ended and I will take it further in this episode. If you did not read my last post, please visit my blog site to read it so you can understand the foundation that was laid for this post.

It is instructive to know that the way you let out the processed information from your heart through your mouth differs and is dependent on the nature of the processed information. The way you let out the bad differs from the way you let out the good. It is also important to note that they are all let out as WORDS. So they can be negative words, or positive words.

How do you let out negative words?

I will want to liken negative words to phlegm. Phlegm is produced when you have a bad body condition such as cold. When phlegm comes to your mouth, how do you let it out? You SPIT IT OUT! That is exactly what you do to negative words. You do not pour it on any other person neither do you pour it on yourself. When you spit it out, you cover it with positive words.

Have you ever been so angry at someone that all you feel like doing is rain curses and abuses? You have the option to spit the curses and abuses on the person or you could let the person know that you are not happy with what they did without raining curses and abuses on the person.

If you must get to the zenith of your life, you must learn how not to pour negative words on yourself or on others. And please, swallowing the negative words will not help you. They will always find their way back to your mouth and you will never know peace until you let them out.

Do not forget, the way to let out negative words is to spit them out. Do not spit it out on yourself or others, and remember to cover it with positive words.


(Transforming the World through the Word)


….And God said “Let there be…” and there was.

Amazing isn’t it? The idea of mind over matter, how thoughts and words can become material things. Its rather unfortunate that people pick their most faithless moments to try and materialize a spoon by saying ‘let a spoon appear right now in my hand!’ (Hahaha)its funny right? But it is very true that for words to give life, your mind must be in total agreement with what you say. Don’t think its impossible because it happens every single day. Remember when the words ‘I hate you’ or ‘You are worthless’ made you cry and actually consider the fact that maybe, just maybe you did not amount to anything and that week you ended up doing the most stupid things until you caught yourself and changed your view? Well that’s exactly what I mean. Its a chain reaction, a build up of emotion, an execution of words that changed your point of view, a combination of fragments that summed up into a force so influential, a force called… Power.

“Words Are Powerful”

You know no one can really point out who made that statement first, trust me the irony of the truth in those words is capable of striking a chord every time they are spoken, especially when I remember the fact that the phrase is in itself the most powerful statement anyone has ever thought to say.

Thoughts can make or kill a man but words would do either faster. Its common for people to talk without making an effortless effort to listen. Its difficult for people who know so much and have so much to offer, to be quiet and allow someone they least expect, offer them something small that could change their previous perspective of life or simply just improve it. Its amazing how the words someone said could trigger certain emotions in another person.
“You Just won the Lottery!”, don’t deny it you were actually excited till you realized that this was just part of the piece.(Haha!)

If letters were soldiers then words would be an army and their content, ammunition. The more relevant the content, the higher the possibility of winning a battle of words and making positive impact and possible influence on a persons life. Yes! A persons life, because people need to understand that change comes by first getting a person to buy into your vision, ‘ its the first block that builds the mansion’ need I say more.

“All we need is peace”. Words that ensured that Nelson Mandela’s Legacy never coughs as long as the earth remains in existence. The words we say matter a lot, the words we say shape, make, mould, build, break, destroy, condemn, uplift and downcast. We are most powerful when we speak. It is very essential that we bridle our tongue, people who have a plan and a focus talk with wisdom because they understand that words are seeds today and trees tomorrow. A wise man once said “Man is a speaking spirit”. We all must be clear on the fact that actions speak louder than voice… Not words… But the most powerful words are backed up by actions. It would be mindless and very empty to say ‘I love You’ and leave someone in need to suffer. Words bring out the contents of our heart… It is words that tell people who we really are!

You don’t just say nasty things to people because you can, or for the sake of having a tongue, words can be as sweet as honey and also as venomous as poison. Its really amazing yet strange to know that all men carry the power of creation and destruction in their mouth. To Speak is to make happen. “Until all men are free, we are all slaves”… Wise words of a mother that drove her son many years later to fight for freedom and equality of all people in America if that didn’t ring a bell then probably the Emancipation Proclamation would. It is very important that we mind what we say, because indeed if we stop and think then we would not speak like persons who did not see a need for simple reasoning in the first place.

-Abokhai Osione