Wishes of Yesterday

Wishes of yesterday are realities of today
Events dreamed about now realized
All is not perfect, but all is well
More grounds to take, more prayers to make.

Wishes of yesterday are realities of today
As the old leaves fall, new ones erupt
And there’s hope for a fallen tree
If the roots remain, it’s life it will regain.

Wishes of yesterday are realities of today
A living being is better than a dead king
He may stagger, wobble and fall
But if he keeps living, he’ll soon be winning..

Ebisike Amarachi
© 2023


To one of our esteemed authors, the Christ-a-poet Team wishes you an amazing year ahead.
Agbaroji Chimeremeze
As you clock yet another birthday may Gods grace continually increase may His peace never leave and His Joy forever abound in your life. Happy birthday bro.
Chimeremeze is the author of posts such as Scenes of Revival, When nobody understands you amongst others
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God bless as you celebrate with us.
– Chief Editor
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