Ask George, the bush burns and it kills the soil.
What thoughts do you have in there that are grazing the green lands of your mind?
The government owes us,
Our parents owe us
We owe ourselves!
“What about my background”?
Ask Jack Ma, he can testify.
Seek for enlightenment,
Get over that entitlement mentality,
It’s killing your personality.




A good journey is made up of few events,
but one important thing
Is a happy and relieved ending.

I have seen
The journeys the men of my country,
And seen that they have
only begun to stop fighting like animals.

Now we fight a different way.
But to fight like that is not expected of my journey.

Yet this balcony of exclusion
While keeping me
Safe from the journeys of other people,
keeps all the stories I would learn away from me.

Okay, I’m going inside

The Niel
© 2019


Birds sing, we hear chirpings
We built our castle on hopes
Poke fingers into the face of Goliaths.
Sands still stay as our foundation
Flooding our flickering fluid imagination
With the feelings that we could dethrone the gods
Then ramble, raze down the mountain with our tongues
We smile sweetly, seeing how weak we made things with our whining
Boxing, branding, and buying their little conscience
With our endless fits

Chukwu Simeon Chidiebere
© 2018

Life After Death

It is so ridiculous
How we fear death
A riddle, cool course
Why we want to live on earth

Life is to death
As death is to life
Man is to earth
As earth is to man

It’s OK we die
Because it’s a metamorphosis for one to live
At some point, we will say goodbye
To the old hives, we’ve lived

Failure could be death
Challenges could be death
Depression could be death
But the ability to overcome, prompts a new life

Definitely we will die someday
And there awaits us another life
The believers call this eternal
When we shall become immortal
But until we die, can we live such

© 2018


We are they that ride on the waves,
Of ideas, beautiful manifestos of the 50s,
The very spittle that our mother told us if dried before the 60s,
Our navels would rot,

We are the child born in lies,
A fatherless child of 250 fathers,
A child that reminds our mother of this rape called amalgamation,
The child who is half of everything,
Whose strength should be in being everything,
Yet one thing rules: the cancer of corruption,

We are this child in dependence,
To the blind, senseless man that knew how we were delivered from,
This very deep inferno between our mother’s leg,
We encourage ourselves with hopes in things,
Things our reality tells us can never be,
We are married to Religion,
These new Masters that promise us mansions and virgins when we,
Like the worms, cringe and bow out of this stage,

We are hungry,
Milk and honey we dare not wish for,
Our elder brothers eat honey,
They told us to pray,
If we dared stared too long into his plate, he would slay,
The nascent dream we have,

We are independent,
Masters of our own,
Slaves to our elder brothers,
Who constantly tell us that the rudders will be ours one day,
Yet make their sons our master when,
Need be…..
Happy Independence Day.

Chukwu Simeon Chidiebere
© 2018


Why Do We Have Each Other?
Why are we so connected?
We have each other for one reason alone. Support.

The limitations of our flesh we cannot suppress if we are surrounded by people who encourage them to be expressed.

As brothers and sisters of one faith we must help. We must each strive lawfully for perfection and support each other as we do so. This makes the journey easier, less burdensome, more bearable, full of Love, Lighter.

Support is in need as much as it meets a need, we are connected for this reason alone, lest support begins to look like robbery of some sort.

I need you, you need me, stand with me, agree with me, these blood ties mean we are bound to either build or destroy each other, so which would it be?

I will only speak words that make your soul stronger, I love you as I love me so I love me when I love you because you are me.
This connection was never made for my selfish gratification, it’s just not meant for me.

But our oneness shows that I need you as much as you need me, we can help each other, until mortality in us is swallowed up by life, we will work together, walk together, lift each other, strive to thrive together, worship together, uphold the faith! Together, die together. because we were never made to do this on our own, it just wasn’t meant to be.

So why are we here? What’s the point of these strong connections?

It’s simply so that this light in you, can shine brighter as it meets the light in me, and her and him and she and he, because the more we are together, the brighter we shall be…

So Out of this light, anything I mean anything else can come, but first! We must shine as one.

‘Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is…’
– 1 John 3:2 (KJV)