What’s in your hand?

What’s in your hand?

I had the first throw
He fought well but had to let go
He’s in a better place but how do we know?

What’s in your Hand?
Fluid soldiers running to my rescue
Mounting pillars to save my temple
It’s wide enough for prayers to pass through

What’s in your Hand?
My Head!!
It’s kicking like I’m pregnant again.
It’ll fall off if I leave it to stay.
This headache don’t respect prayers again.

What’s in your hand
I’m Fine. Healed. Healthy.

Uche Faithful


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It is a fact that when you look Up to the sky
You will see a bird or a plane
But what really comes to mind, what would enters the brain
If you think fast like the Flash
Is a God who picked you from the trash; bin,

Loved you with all your Sin
His son took lash that scratched his back like heat rash
Took spears to his side so he could bleed your mind off its ignorance
Made you see his light that you can make a round about of your life

And despite all your hurt that might have cut you deep like a knife
Plus the strife you faced and falter,
He brings you grace and all your failures he can alter
Will Make your body his Altar as your sight is fixed on his Word

You will soar like that bird
Become Batman when everybody around you only see Bruce Wayne
Then you will understand your efforts without him are Vain
And your Success story you can attain
If you just stay on the same lane with him,
He will give you power like you just work out in the gym
Make you a Star in his block buster film
But if you fail,

Blame your Eyes
Maybe, just maybe it advised your Mind wrong
Sees Failure when all he says is you are a success
Called you cursed when all he says is you are bless
But then, you can address your case like he did on that cross
As he took away your failure so he could add a dress of grace to your suitcase
That your tongue will only talk of his goodness,

For that will be the testimony you will attest to
So the next time you see Temptation or trials
Just Set your Eyes on the Hill
Take in his word like prescription pill
Then Chill,
Because your help is also staring you back in the face

Isoje Victor
© 2019


The sparrow’s songs. The jackal’s laughter.
The lion’s roar. Eve’s allure.
Adam’s strength.
One string through them all.
I am the one in all.
I am.

I’m the greatest artist of all time
Way before Shakespeare conceived Juliet
I had you in mind, my Jewel, yet
Unlike Juliet and her Romeo
My romantic tales with you end with no woes.

I am Lover. I am Writer.
Warrior drenched in blood and sand.
Ten thousand chariots, one rider. Me.
I created light. I am Light Himself.
Within, outside, and beyond time.
I am.

Stand in awe before me. Beauty Himself.
Most Amazing. Most Intelligent. Most High.
I am the One who was, who is,
Who always will be jealous for you.
I just am.

That organ beating beneath your rib cage?
It sings my praise.
Each and every breath you take
Is a testimony to my genius. No tease.
And when a strand of your hair falls, I notice.
Note this.

I am the grandest musician ever
See, I set your heart beating
And those strings that play each time you blink
I made those long before
Beethoven ever played Duh Duh Duh Duh!

For you, I am haven.
For your problems, I’m a monster.
I’m your most primal craving.
Though you know it not.

Forget Ali. I’m the greatest.
I call into your depths. And you answer.
I cancel your debts.
I destroyed your death.
I’m the depths

With a staff, I divide seas.
Dry rod flowers. Ax floats on water.
The bulldozer. I am.
When I nod, the mountains melt.
The seas? They flee when I breathe.
I do the impossible.
I am impossible.
I am.

I am.
I touch your tongues, and you spit flames.
I make you hot. Make you look hot.
But if you’d rather look warm
Then out of my mouth will I spew you.
Who’re you kidding?
I took the punishments due you.
I call many. Choose few. You.

I am.
I’m Tsidkeneu. I make you new.
I am Creator. Crazy Romantic.
I am Theos. Yah’owah. The Vyevo-Vyavo.
The Lily – not of the valley, cos I made those too.
I’m the Lily. Period.

I am.
I am the beginning. I am the end.
I am each and everything between zero and infinity.
The infinite. The without-which-not.
I am not just God. I’m also the Just God.
The God of justice. The God that just is.

I am.
Yahweh. Shaddai.
Omniscient. Omni-knowing.
Na only Me sabi as e dey do you.

I. Am. God.

Nonso John
© 2019


It’s 4am in the morning

And one thing keeps me smiling

Feels like four Amens won’t do

When I hear of how much you love Jesus too



See there’s no other love quite like this one

He’s not just anyone, but The One

The Trinity: Father, Spirit, Son

This love renders one undone



Perfect present cleansing is this love

For me and you and 7 trillion others more

No truer song has ever been sung

Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us



This kind of love fills any void and colors in all grays

It’s how I draw each and every breath of my praise

This kind of love is untamed and unrestrained

Yes this love has a name, name above all names



Love so amazing (Amazon) it literally speaks life

Love so transforming; it’s 100% successful every time

Love so fulfilling it overflows: rivers of life

Love so immortal He never dies



If this love were a star, it would be a galaxy

If it were a drop, it would be the deep blue sea

If it were a minute, it would be eternity

It is something and simultaneously everything



Isn’t it odd that this Love is one so even

Isn’t it unforgivable the much we’ve been forgiven

Isn’t it inhuman his love for us humans

Isn’t it deep the height of this love from God for man



A free gift that paid the world’s most expensive debt

Blood-wash that leaves one white as snow

Removing the stains of sin, hurt, pain and regret

Priceless heirloom which on us was bestowed



Take a mirror and marvel: Love at work

Take a bible and Learn: Love’s architecture

Never was there any thing surer

Than this love of which we are born



The melody of my heartbeat is this love

The missing piece to every puzzle is this love

The song of my soul’s salvation is this love

The solution to every problem is this love



Sing aloud love’s song

Dance a jig for what love’s done

Love came for one and all

Love lives in all who answer the call



Like the season for this love I fall

Like the month I will march on and proclaim this love to all

This timeless gift is present and everlasting

It grows with every share, a love worth broadcasting



I relish in the thought of one day beholding love’s face

To see before me what was always within me: vase

Amazing love tis a sound so delish

I can only imagine what that would be



Oh the questions I’ll have when we meet face to face

Dear love, to be wrapped in your warm embrace

Yet somehow I feel all the questions may fade

But one thing I won’t hold back are the tears that’ll cascade



This love knew my pain and held on still

This love I threw away but he kept fellowship

This love I never deserved still he gave me him

This love I proclaim to see someday



Love that never led me astray

Love that always showed me the way

Love that made sure I was ok

Love is the reason I’m alive today



I dare say I love this love though so frail

For one thing, I’m sure would never fail

Is the love with which this love loves me every day

Hear me say I love this love once again



When once I tried my life to take

This love dove into my despair

When once I was shattered by heartache

My heart, this love, did mend and repair



When in doubt I stare at hopes gone

Love holds my hand and Faith restores

When words I cannot find to ease my heart

Love forms these lines that some call art



What’s in a name? What’s this love called?

This four-letter verb that has us enthralled?

The name, The Word, for a love so unique

That without it, my soul fades and my heart becomes weak



Perhaps when tomorrow will be in view

I would know what words could describe you

Perhaps my wonder as I stand in your view

Would let me see endless depths you love me through



This wonderful promise so amazing and true

It’s open to all, it’s available to you

Ready your heart for this gift we speak of

Christ’s unconditional and unchanging love



We testify of something so good for you

No need for diets you can’t overfeed on this truth

We write so you read and confess too

The love of God is true and for you


A poem by Lisa (www.1WritersHeart.com) and Godswill (www.christapoet.com)


The greatest miracle on earth, a sinner came to repentance and is saved

Heaven rejoices for a new creations birth, now old things are passed away

Behold all things are new but please may I be excused

‘Cause if this hypothesis is proven theory

Why do I fall to the things I once rose up from?

Why do I feel like a couple once wed amidst cheers of joy?

Now wondering why their love has become a burden to endure

Why does it all now seem to feel like a fairytale

Where the magic only lasts till midnight with no prince charming come to find me

Glass slipper in hand, ready to rescue me from the depths of these dungeons

From these caves and chains, sins I once was saved from

I wish I could call out to the brethren

The ones who professed “Yes I love with you with the love of God”

But I know what they would say, who am I kidding?

I deserve to be here

Yes Jesus once forgave my sins but just maybe

Maybe the saving package just did not apply to customers such as me

So here’s my story

Once I was saved but now I am lost again and again and again


I just wish it would stop but again and again I fall prey

And yet I pray one day these chains will give way

So I can truly proclaim, I am saved.


This short piece is the unfortunate story of a lot of Christians today; in fact I too went through a phase such as this but now I know for a certainty that no one should have to go through this ever because Jesus did not just get crucified just so we could be forgiven of our sins, He died so we would be saved and He resurrected proving His power over sin and death, then giving us a chance to reign with him in the same power. It is however puzzling why too many Christians still live under the bondage of sinful habits and addictions.

In my experience I’ve come to find out that this occurrence does not in any way put to question the authenticity of the work Jesus actualized on that cross, He did it well and complete hence the problem is most certainly with us.

“I have finished the work you gave me to do”

  • Jesus Christ (John 17:4b)

You see I have come to believe we forget the confession we made while we gave our life to Jesus Christ. You may not have said these exact words but I believe you implied that you accepted Jesus to be your Lord and personal saviour. The irony however is from a human point view, He should save us first and then He can become Lord over us but that’s not how it goes especially not on this side of life. You see Jesus did not come into your life just to save you from your sins but to also be Lord over your life. This is in fact what guarantees your victorious Christian life. Hence if you are still calling the shots in your life then your salvation experience is not entirely complete which is essentially the reason you still have problems dealing with those sinful habits.

Look I know you love the Lord and sincerely I’m positive He loves you even more but until He is Lord in your life, He might never be able to save you from your sins once and for all and that’s why the phrase goes ‘Lord’ first and then ‘personal saviour’ (implying this is a personal deal). Have you ever wondered why we as Christians profess “I gave my life to Christ”? Well, in my own little understanding I believe that on that beautiful day we made that confession of faith we surrendered our lives, our will, our consciousness to Jesus and in exchange we got his sin-free life, His will with victory over sin and His consciousness. You see, that way we are no longer controlling the wheels of our lives because we are no longer living our lives but His. This is our only hope to living our lives totally free of sin but the problem is once in a while we want to take control of the wheel and we ignorantly steer ourselves into problems and issues that make the sacrifice of Jesus seem ineffective. If you’re wondering why Jesus would let us collect leadership from Him, well He’s such a perfect gentleman and the bible testifies

“And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”

  • Genesis 6:3

So when we do try to Lord over our own lives even after giving our lives to Christ we seem to be saying “Hey great work bro but I would like to take over from here”. Inferentially we did give Him our lives at some point but then we took it back and then we wonder why we keep on falling back to our vomit.

You know what is so awesome about the life we live with Jesus as Lord? You see the bible makes it clear that Jesus Christ on the cross won the victory over death, hell and the grave and when we give Him our lives for His we automatically walk into that victory as well. So that we are no longer trying to not sin, we just do not sin; it’s in our nature not to so it’s no wonder the bible calls us more than conquerors.

I can write a whole lot more but I believe the problem and solution are quite obvious at this point however from experience I do know that being aware of the solution doesn’t always mean you’d do the right thing. Sometimes it’s way too difficult to say NO to your flesh and you may still find a little pleasure in those sinful habits but I assure you there’s hope. So take it from someone who has been there you can overcome this too, you can hate those things you once enjoyed, you can have total and lasting victory over sin for eternity. Jesus loves you and the truth is no matter how far you push him away, He’s always there and what’s more He already put in measures to help you through this season: The Word(John 1:1-5), The Holy Spirit (John 16:7-15) and brethren (James 5:16).

So don’t wait any longer, let Jesus be indeed Lord in your life and enjoy righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Don’t wait too long; it might be too late then. Continue reading


The sun was calm with a general sense of stillness. The night was far spent, yet it shone so weakly like a malnourished child maltreated by a wicked stepmother. As Destiny(a cousin) and I strode along the way home from market, I couldn’t help the smile that came to my lips and I spread the whole feeling of excitement over me as I fed my eyes with the city paranoiac view. “Its good to be here in Enugu again”, I muttered.

The road became very busy,drivers of long trucks with high shrill voices were carried away singing as much as they wanted while veins stood on end on traders necks their foreheads glistening with sweat, a typical day at the market. Continue reading