For all things that are good
For all things that are kind
To fill us all in love
Bonding us all to one

To sow and to reap
To live and to die
Take hate as fate
Give love as grace

Show help not in pay
Give not to take
Always bring a way
Not just once a day

I chew tears as meat
When the future is stabbed by we
Love loses it’s battle
Hate is crowned in glory
Becoming opportunist devouring one another for gain
Breeding wars and sorrows to the heart

A day of nemesis shall arise
Warring lives to battle we could never win
Only to hope for a cure would we
To bring all things glorifying
Live a life of godly conscience

Many have issues,many have problems, we must do whatever we can do to help them and never use that in taking advantage of them, cause it could be your turn next time!

Oladayo Okelola
(c) 2018