What’s on my mind?

The world can’t do without You,
You color it so nicely
The strokes of your
Carmel brush so gentle
But tickles the world
Until it cracks up.

On gloomy days,
Sad lonely nights
With starless skies
You color the world
Your humour the most
Friendly face on hard, rocky days.

The world can’t do without You
It’ll be so dark without
Your shine,
The world can’t do without You
It’ll be tasteless without your savour.

The world needs you to
The world needs your
Do the world a favor,
Be who you were sent
To be.

© 2023


I behold the earth
A boiling pot cooking a bland meal.
But why would a tasteless meal be 
Slyly served as sweet sauce?
I behold the earth
A feast turned dirge because happiness faded
Leaving its audience bereft of joy.

But for how long shall we adorn our heads
with turbans of ashes?

Let the saviours of savour arise!
To raise Rabboni’s righteous rod
And shred this pot of gloom,
The servers and their portions
Till the tables that breed stale bread be overturned.

Awake! Let our flavour be as magnet
Drawing men unto Christ
To eat of His flesh and drink of eternal life
To never ending satisfaction
Awake! saviours of savour,
It’s time to season the earth!

Ayooluwa Olasupo

(c) 2021