Dead zone
Broken soul
Scary shadows
Those are rhythms of a poor old kid
Whose ways never pleased anyone, not even herself.

No hope
Buried grace
Weak for the race
Those are top list words recorded in the word billboard of her mind
She used to be of the royal line
But now goodness turned to lime
She sees God’s intentions as the least
Her faith so rusty and loosen like an abandoned screw
There she becomes a beast that feast with the devil.

Records of heart failures
Impotent to believe the best inside
Drenched with the thoughts of discovery
Draining in the memory lane of no understanding
Tears from the sole of the heart dripping down like flood yet none sees these flood of questions buried in tears

Travelling alone in travail… I weep in smiles…
Because in my green days have I grown grey because am yet to discover the me in me

In silenced smiles I’m drown in fears because my mind has become aged in thoughts

Hold my weeping mind
Embrace my tears in warmth,
Caress me with words of rescue
Carry me in the wings of warmth understanding
For I drown in silence

Oh…save me from this destiny device
For I transit into the groove of eternity
My powerhouse drowns
I plead for restoration if that exist
I seek for redemption for this battle is beyond me

The Alchemist
© 2019



Telling people about Jesus is the Best thing that can happen to anyone. The more you delay serving the Lord, the more you are slowing down and running away from God’s blessings. The thing is the more the delay, you are not only slowing yourself down, but you are slowing other people down too. These are the people you are supposed to be telling about Jesus.
Literally, you are slowing down the growth and prosperity of these chain people because you haven’t told them,so they can’t tell others. What are you waiting for? Do you know that the more you tell people about him, the more you understand him. Begin to tell people about Jesus. Don’t be selfish about it. He saved you and wants to save others. One soul means a lot to Jesus. Do not hide that soul from Jesus by not speaking to that soul.