BOOK REVIEW by Ezeonyeka Godswill
The author introduces the book by challenging the hypothetical attitude of people created by the shroud of shame when seen with a copy of this book; a tool which in the words of the author has been used devastatingly by the devil to wreck havoc on millions. He also introduces SEX as Satan’s biggest tool of bondage on earth today, weakening the moral fibre of the body of Christ through just about every available means. Hence, he then continues to fully outline the amount of damage already done by this renowned enemy and the impending repercussion of not addressing it.
Lust in his words can be defined as strong desire for that which is forbidden (p.17) and it stands a great tool for the enemy till date. To foster his plot the enemy has devised various loopholes normally referred to as thought patterns. These, the author seek to challenge and caution Christians against in the information provided in this book. This a wake-up call for every child of God to confront the spirits of looseness and lust.
Rather than sit around and wait, the author doesn’t stop at the problem recognition but he goes on to explain the way out! Glory to God! By the help of the Holy Spirit the author uses an amazing choice of words to reveal a pathway out to a place of total freedom! This I believe is the core of the book and if any Christian should live a victorious Christian life especially in the area of sexual sins no matter the variations (i.e fornications, pornography, lesbianism, homosexuality, masturbation, adultery, bestiality e.t.c) if they would diligently follow the principles laid out in this book to the latter. Purity is possible!
With its easy to read formation of writing and its obvious portability anyone can successfully source out the priceless principles within it. The book is primarily bible-based and it is well punctuated with passages, parables and verses from the Bible. It stands a tool towards great transformation in our time and a great resource material to have and to hold.
God bless!


A movie is many things to as many that see it!
This movie opens us up to the life of Coach Grant Taylor who’s obviously not having a field day with his career, family and life in general. As a good christian, he takes his misfortune in good faith but at the time we could get a peep into his life the problems in his life were definitely mounting to a fatal peak which would in the course of the film define the course of his life in the nearest future.
Coach Taylor’s character I believe represents all the millions of believing christians struggling in their lives. Sadly, most have come to their unfortunate end whilst still in this position. This I’ve come to agree is synonymous to the verse in th bible:
“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof…” 2 Tim 3:5a
However in this wonderful motion picture we watch how Coach Taylor and any in His shoes can get out of the valley of depression and the burdensome cares of this world and rise to the heights of God’s grace and a limitless problem free life of joy and peace which in reality is HIS promise for us from the beginning!
The movie also reveals the word of God as a manual for life. With several manifestations of God’s miracle working power and a careful study and obedience of the word, we watch as lives transform and the most amazing testimonies abound! The place of prayer is in no way undermined in the character of Mr. Bridges who practically prays a revival to the school and also serves as an encouragement source for Coach Taylor. The amount of wonder that can be wrought by the word of God and prayer could never be understood and a glimpse into the beauty is what this film portrays.
With a cast well loaded with talent this amazing story produced into a motion picture by SHERWOOD PICTURES might as well be referred to as an epic tale but I guess I’ll hold my horses awhile. The message contained in the scenes are beautifully and intelligently portrayed with very laudable graphic, dramatic and artistic perfection.
The movie is directed by Alex Kendrick and stars Alex Kendrick, Tracy Goode, James Blackwell, Shannen Fields, Bailey Cave amongst others. The story on which the movie is based was written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. The movie also contains some songs from a personal favorite – Casting Crowns. In general the film is an absolute masterpiece meant for every man, woman and family. The lessons that could be learnt from this movie are beyond words. So I’ll just let you go get a peep, then possibly we could do a chat or something on what we learnt! Lol
Have a blessed day!

-by Ezeonyeka Godswill