Don’t Be Deceived

He came not for the righteous preachers
but forsook the glory to save lost sinners
from destruction of the night
into God’s marvelous light
…they that be whole need not a physician
but they that are sick.”

He came not to condemn
but here to usher you
into a new realm of love
that’s more sacrificial than a dove
“for when we were still sinners
Christ died for us..”

He came for reconciliation
of men to their God
not for humiliation
of men by the Lord
“…for I am come not to call the righteous,
but sinners to repentance.”
then He taught them to live in true obedience.

Don’t be deceived:
He offered us liberty
to be law-free.
He gave us grace
to be performers of His holy scene
not as a licence to sin.
“For sin shall not have dominion over you:
for ye are not under the law, but under grace.”

Don’t be decieved!
Christ is here
calling you to believe
inviting you to live.
leave fear,
Come“, Love says.

Josh’ Oloyede Oluwafemi.


Returning to our root is the most important journey of life. The place where we carefully look inward daily and receive a permanent change, a change that can only come from the most sincere core of our being. 

We all must seek to know God, the one who makes things work without human consent, without our permission. 

Our Divine Centre the source of all creation whose existence and faithfulness cannot easily be denied. 

The importance of this turning in, far supercedes our knowledge ( gnosis) of right and wrong, good and evil, history and name calling, revelations of men and sojourners of relative truths, For all these things are but factors in our pursuit merely because of the human senses.  What we see, feel, smell, taste or perceive to be ideal. 

But consider a man born deaf, blind and mute with no feeling on his fingertips, a man locked out of this physical world, in it, yet devoid of its infiltration, shall he too not have the privilege of finding His Maker within? Surely God is not unjust, for such a man will find Yahweh without ever having to rely on definitions of society, culture, assertions and self. 

For Adonai is NOT Religion.

The real life is the one within. The one unseen. Where such a man though he be in the world finds he is locked out from it, he will become subject to the real life he sees and in it he would either find Perfect peace, or turmoil and disease. For God is not unjust, HE will never take a man for Himself devoid of Shuv ( A conscious choice. a turn/ answer to the call of His Love).

To dwell on the frailty of this existence, savouring its empty promises and hoping in vain glory is to remain subject to the human senses.  Like the four elements of the earth are strong but without the fifth, their true potential can never be realised, so also the answer to Yahwehs inward call is for one reason alone, a journey to know the fifth. A journey to know Grace. 

Grace to grow, grace to love, grace to continually shun outward circumstances and believe.

To find Him, this pearl of great price is where death ends and life for man begins. But it all starts with a searching soul,

As the deer pants for the water, the soul must lung for Him.

For desire, a burning hunger that cannot be satisfied with anything but Him is the beginning of the journey. 

Never the less, in the physical realm, the soul must constantly set its lungings on the eternal, for only spirit with spirit can meet. 

True desire begets surrender

 No sooner than when the soul hungers and thirsts after righteousness from the very depths within ( Christ the living spring) , he begins to see that there is so much more he can do without. 

There is a powerful pull within, a gnawing for oneness, an intercourse with Divinity Himself. The purest of Depths calling to depth. 

Surrender will beget power. The three fold chord of the Divine that cannot be broken for all eternity. There is power in the alignment of Spirit, Soul and Body. Only He is Spirit. He is the life of man. 

This is the salvation of man. 

Not his ability to enter realms beyond his five senses, but the privilege of recognising true Light. 

From here onward to eternity, omnipotence takes over, causing fruitful multiplication of true Light! 

He shall bring forth sons (epignosis), not only in His Image but after His Likeness. 

And the Truth of His Light will arise and do what Light does best.  Shine!


She began speeding down the road
A million miles per hour
A smile pasted on her face
Oblivious she was headed in the wrong direction.

Just imagine her short-lived disdain when the obstacle suddenly cut short her fairy tale ride and the last sound she ever heard was her cry…

She had her hands on the controls
Everything seemed right
So she figured,
She could afford to shut her eyes and enjoy the ride.
A ride, everyone had stamped as alright
Besides everybody was doing it now
…so why contrive?
What worked for them should definitely work in my different way for me
So freeway or highway she was definitely bound to end up this way anyway.

You can imagine the way that smile immediately turned upside down

No! literally it turned upside down
Because her head on collision with deception and betrayal
Hurt and disappointment
Crashed into the ill placed curb of destruction
Carefully camouflaged by a black and white track called lust
Which was so strong that she tumbled over and over again
Until she hit the ground hard enough to shake of thoughts of survival
Simply because she refused to read the red tall sign that cautioned quietly; STOP

So there she lay, on a bloodied road named Guilt
Dying a death another already did
Trying to pay for a life already paid for
She was what you may call Lost…

If she however would only open her eyes
Unlike Judas she may not fail so woefully at the sight of a possibility: A NEW LIFE
How she doesn’t have to hang from a rope
Because He already hung from a tree…
Endured a Calvary of sorrows
In exchange for her joy
You see, she will no longer be Lost
…or even worse condemned.
Where the sting of death ended was far from where the mark of Christ started
In fact it was non negotiable!
When Him who is Life held the keys to her eternal hell
He chose to set her free.

She must realize…
That like a corpse laid dead for four days
A word spoken from the very lips of creation was able to re-jerk a pulse so cold and far spent
Regenerate a heart so used and wasted
Turn a pot of clay into a vessel of Gold…        
She must choose to realize
That she has only arrived at the CROSSroads
…where Grace and mercy meet.

But first she must open her eyes…


My Dearest,
How are you, it’s been a while…I have been reading your love letters and I decided to also write to you, to tell you how it was for me.
Well at the time you came I was in a relationship with someone. He was the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. His face shone like polished pearl, his voice like a melodious song played in the morning, swaying me with words that dripped with honey from his sugar coated tongue. He told me he could give me anything I wanted, He told me his name was Lucifer and he was my world prince charming and I was too happy at the thought of being his sleeping beauty princess. Finally he won me over and I gave him my heart, He gave me everything I wanted cars, houses, cloths, jewellery, anything I could think of, boy did he spoil me rotten. I thought I was in heaven, but now I realize it was actually hell with him.
Then you came around telling me about how much you loved me. To say the truth, I didn’t really understand the whole “LOVE” issue it kinda freaked the HELL out of me, the whole talk of loving and knowing me before I was even conceived, giving everything you loved that you might gain my love, your telling “my thoughts toward you are as countless as the sand on the sea shore” (I was beginning to think you were a stalker) I could not comprehend the love, most especially when you told me you love me with an everlasting LOVE. It was really crazy. The truth is that the kind of love you brought my way, wasn’t the kind I was used to and it was strange not having to follow a list of things to do in order to feel the love I needed or to feel clean. You see I always felt dirty and lonely with him that’s my ex but there you came with a whole different story of love, telling me I didn’t need to do anything or follow a whole set of rules to be clean that I just had to accept you, I guess I didn’t understand what love meant.
I started falling for you. You made me realize the love I was deprived of and why I needed you. But you see my ex wasn’t the kind of person to give up on one whose heart he owns (he is kind of possessive). He got angry and tried keeping me away from you, especially when you started knocking at my door. At my door you stayed and all you ever asked for was to come in and dine with me but my ex, he called you a crazy crook set out to manipulate me. He said if I let him go it was I who would lose all the good things only he could give me. Oh the lies I had to deal with!
When you told me you could die for me I thought it was a joke. But here we are you actually did it! I was quite scared I had lost you but you came back for me… Now that is romantic, imagine a man fighting for me. Well I accepted your love, though I don’t understand it yet and the enormity of it all still baffles me. Even the fact that you forgave my hurting you (all those years I stuck with my EX) without wanting anything in return, except to love you. Truth is, with my EX, it was different, it was all about what he wanted, he never forgave my wrongs, and he was a psycho. Now I’m off the chains and free to love you. I am learning to love and trust you completely. And nothing is going to keep me away from your love… You’re now my true Prince Charming you can call me Snow White because I know you will always come for me and find me. I LOVE YOU
Yours lovingly
P.s your love letter rocks. Reading, believing, and speaking it sends my ex on his heels.


Let me tell you my story
I let my father down, leaving his mission for my pleasures.
abstract_landscape_by_faith_lv-d51r5tz.jpgTaking up my own mission, I decided to take a trip away from home.
I took it all as a game, thinking I could get the whole world sealed, signed, stamped and delivered to my doorstep all in my name.
Yea to tell the truth, I enjoyed those days,
Where all I did went well, I was enjoying the fun and all.
You see I got everything I wanted without anyone to tell me no or yes.
I could say I was winning it all, I got so good at the game.
But with time, I realized it was all lame!
With time they all faded away, the happiness, enjoyment, pleasure.
I was left with an empty heart that wasn’t satisfied at all even with all the pleasure I had…

You see my father loved me more than anything.
And did I tell you he is a KING?
Yes my father is a king I longed for home, for that joy that could satisfy, and only father had it.
Being in his presence alone was satisfaction beyond anything else in this world.
You see, at home I bathed in my father’s glory.
But how could I go back home now? Would he take me back? Would he cast me out?
These questions played across my mind.
I decided to go back home, but there was a problem…
Yes I didn’t know my way back. I was lost and felt like indeed I was going to die.

Nevertheless I tried to find my way back home.
I tried different ways but they didn’t lead to my father.
I was about giving up when I saw my big brother on the way,
I didn’t quite understand what he was doing there, I was beginning to think he left home too.
But he told me father sent him to search for me,
That father had been searching for me!
He had sent servants to find me but none could.
So He offered to come himself, he told me he had given all he had just to find me.
At last I found my way home!
Walking home, I told my Brother I was scared to meet father,
He told me he had paid my own price so I need not be scared.
Along the way I saw someone running towards me…
I realized it was father!
Father ran at my home coming…



Gradually and painfully the fearful yet critical moment had come!

Coldly staring at me was reality which seems to have collaborated with my erring identity.

I needed a direct change in d life I lived for so many years,

So as to get into a vivid range of blissful sanity.

But now, I am too old and lost in the iniquity that I lived. Continue reading