The Most beautiful Girl- Part 2

Years pass and she remains a sister to me
A perfect relationship divorce can’t sever
There is no ‘more‘ to want
Her love is complete and I am satisfied
Until the 99th night she passed at my house
She wakes at midnight to find my fingers on her breast
With a push from her I land on the floor
On getting up I see the hurt and unbelief in her eyes as tears roll down her cheeks
There is no explanation to her or myself of my actions
No words are exchanged
The wait for dawn is like waiting for Jesus’ second coming
I curl on the floor while she clutches herself tightly on the bed with occasional sniffs
I die a thousand death in a thousand ways, all by suicide
She leaves as morning comes
Apologies are meant for explainable crimes, not inconceivable ones
This crime should not be apologized for nor forgiven
A lot of water pass under the bridge and today I cry;
I cry because she visits last week and wraps me in a hug
We go for walks and she leans on me like old times
Like I didn’t abuse her
She has a golden heart but the most I expect are patches;
A hand sewn cloth thread with caution
She disappoints me with total abandonment and oblivion of the past
I cry for I don’t deserve her yet I have her
Her name is Grace

© 2019

Letter to the Boy

Being single could make one appear socially awkward, especially, when you get to 24. People would ask a lot of why questions and before you know it, you are out of perfect replies. It could be maddening, you know? Especially, when they see you converse with a pretty lady, then start with their 1000 rule advice on how to win her over, as though you had asked their counsel on how to get a “bae”. It could be ridiculous too, when a lady tells you, “upon all this your sweet mouth, you dey claim say you no get babe”, as though being a good talker is all you need in order to be in a relationship. dat one no too dey pain me. I get more annoyed when fellas try to point out a girl for me just because she has the kind of hips that are very close relatives of Abakiliki mounds and breasts that are large enough to suffocate a toddler. And on more occasions, a complexion that is characterized of an over ripped pawpaw. They would just shout “wow” like Jesus Christ got born again… I know you got the juicy part of such tales in your head.

Then, if you are not careful, you would settle for the glaze on the utensil without considering the type of material it is made of. That’s me waving a “welcome to Hell Street”, because, all you will ever dream of is, an exit strategy from this business that you entered into without much consideration. You know how you just end up scheming on ways to get her hyper pissed off with you and end up asking you for a break up, but when it fails, you start rehearsal of your 360-word break up line. And when finally you are done with the inscription on her heart, she starts seeing all boys, guys, and men, (forgive the redundancy), as an evil she have to live with. However, because emotions still run through her veins, if no one wise enough is close by to advise her rightly, she becomes a formidable heart basher, who only cares about your little change, in an exchange for the toy of herself, remember you made her to start feeling like a toy.

This is My Plea!

Hi. My name is Yahweh and I come from a State called Forever. I bet you’ve heard my story before so I’ll just give a few lines here just to get straight to the point.

I live just across the street so you can find me anywhere, anytime. However its not been that easy catching up with you. I know you been busy; a lot of times you’ve had to show up and say hi. A lot more times however, you didn’t. I know you’ve had to go through so much stress so often. You’ve got kids, work to do, stuff to attend to, business to manage. The technology that makes life easy ironically makes the world faster and your world harder. Yeah, I know; at least, I guess so. I guess that’s why you’ve not been picking my calls lately either. And then I wait all day long just to hear from you, waiting by my phone, hoping you’d care to call. Dashing my hopes every minute I thought I heard my cell phone ring only to find that there’s not as much as a missed call from you.

Point is, I’m guessing you’ve had old friends to meet, addresses to locate, invitations to honor, assignments to submit, cases to close, colleagues to deal with. That’s not to say I haven’t got any of those but I always have time carved out just for you. Yet I don’t fall in any part of your schedule? I mean, is that it? Cos you haven’t as much time to even at least write and say why you won’t be coming; and I thought we had a relationship.

So I want to ask. I want to lay it down right here, right now, straight as an arrow. What do you say? You know I couldn’t just break up with you even if I wanted to. Why? Cos I love you so much already, I cant! I just cant! So what do you say? One advice: decide for yourself. It wont do you any good to just let the ‘nays’ have it, cos you are your own man. And c’mon, I just want you to be happy.

You know, I’m done guessing cos all this guessing just wont make any sense in our relationship, just as it wouldn’t in any. I’m just saying, talk to me. Just talk. Tell me ’bout your fears, your day, your feelings. Let us talk about faith, about love, about anything you can ever think of! I am saying, learn to talk to me. Just talk. Just come to me anyhow and we’ll talk some more. Beat time and come. I mean, what have you got to lose?
So this is it. My name is Yahweh. I am just, and this, this is my plea.






My heart has seriously been inditing a good matter. The word relationship with God has been coming to my heart. I saw the story of Enoch again in Genesis, and I remembered how as a teenager I’ve clamored to walk with God like Enoch did. There’s a song in my language that is composed in that line: Let me walk with You (referring to God) as worthy and acceptable… I used to sing this song from a very sincere heart then, though I didn’t understand the Word of God then as I do now.

God’s Spirit has been making me see that many in our generation don’t know so much of having a relationship with God. It’s been religion all the way with them. We yell at God always in prayer. We do unbecoming things with God, ‘cos we don’t understand being in a relationship with God.

Let’s try to understand the concept of relationship on human to human level, then we will enjoy God better. In a true relationship, no one is trying to please another per se, all because we felt pleased with each other that’s why we come together in the said relationship. Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” This means, except they are pleased with each other they will not even think of walking together to begin with. As a guy, a lady is pleasing to me then I approach her to ask her out. If I am also pleasing to her, she accepts my proposal and then the journey of a life of bliss begins, by each just being themselves and absolutely plain. There will be ups and downs for sure, but because of the mutual understanding between us we will surely walk through it together in victory always.

This is exactly the story with us and God. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever believed in Him should not perish, but have eternal life, John 3:16. God fell in love with us. He was pleased with us, even with our dirty living and our sinful nature. He walked up to us to tell us of His love for us. Of how He would like to spend His whole life with us. We were like, “Hmm, how on earth would You consider me with all my messes?” But He did anyways and said “It’s no trouble. I’m okay with you. I’m okay with that”. After so much persuasion from Him, we finally gave in, ‘cos we were pleased with His poetic words, and the firmness and sincerity of the tone of His voice.

Now why are we beginning to think we need to be doing lots of things to get His attention? Wait a minute, who is getting whose attention here? Perhaps, we have lost the sense of our relationship with Him. We yell at Him to get things from Him. We are never simple with Him. We shout and scream in prayer until we lose our voice many a time. Sometimes we talk to Him as if talking to an enemy. Can you imagine a wife screaming at her husband to get His attention at home every time? People around will surely know that something must be wrong with their relationship. Actually, we may need yelling once in a while, because we feel Him far from us, and maybe because we are in a deep trouble but what we do after that counts. Jesus Christ also yelled at Him on the cross, ‘cos He felt like God had rejected Him but He finally said, Into Your hands I commend My Spirit. That’s a word borne out of a sincere and deep sense of relationship. Such words always reflects an absolute trust.

My brethren, if we have sincerely and from our heart accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, then we should know that our Father God is pleased with us. We smell good unto God. 2Cor. 2:16 says, “For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ…’ I pray God help us with a kind of relationship with Him according to His heart for us. Amen.

God bless
Adebayo Funmi



One of the most interesting things about the Christian race is how you don’t get it all at once. What I mean is, the moment you give your life to Christ trust me a lot has already changed within you and if you haven’t yet please do (You are missing a lot!). However, just like the bible says “…his mercies are new every morning”, all who have dared to seek a relationship with this awesome God can confess how amazingly new this experience seems to be everyday. Like we used to say when I was younger, one could read a verse from the bible for a whole year and get 365 different understanding from that one verse (supposing the person is very honest and hungry for more of God). Funny thing is he or she would have still not exhausted the wealth of knowledge in that one verse. Now, this seems much like a fallacy of generalization but what can I say, give it a try!

Unfortunately sometimes we tend to fall short of our part in this relationship and in the end, we miss out on amazing opportunities spiritually and in our daily lives. I know this because I have fallen prey to this several times (nothing I am proud of!) and now I know better. One of such occasions was a fateful morning on my way to work. I had entered a commercial vehicle that should convey me to a central area from where I’d continue to my office. As I settled in, I couldn’t help but notice how loud the driver was. At first, he seemed to have been in some sought of conversation with the other passengers but was distracted by some driving stunts other fellow drivers were putting out and he began shouting at them, obviously angry. I am not a fan of loud people so needless to say I was already uncomfortable but that was soon to be the least of my worries. Continue reading