Penspeak 2017: The Definition

There are so many ways to tell this story, but looking back now, I am so glad I lived it.

When a man meets a good idea, he knows he is set for a world of benefits but when a man meets a God idea, he knows, it will only take God to accomplish it. Penspeak was borne for the writer and his audience, a time to experience the sweet romance between words and the message they carry, between the dexterity of the pen and the Spirit from which it flows. It is a time envisioned to cause a definite change to birth something new or revive what is dying; One stage, One mic, One Spirit and for those glorious hours, nothing else matters but the truth and it sure does set one free.

Every year it has been a blessing to the team and the audience of Nsukka to see what God can do with what an untrained mind would call “mere words”, yet again in less than a month we are yet to experience much more, inexplicably more what God is set to wrought through this massive vision. To say in specific words what one could expect is to belittle the awe, God is preparing for the expectant heart, so I am going to just say this…

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details
Cause they are coming…

And when they do, be kind enough to tell a friend, any friend

Because one thing is certain
There is no way any one would leave that hall without a specific blessing



what is yOuR NAME?

“What is your name?”
“You mean… my name?”

I could close my eyes in a quick drift in to my spirit to give you an answer….

My name is who I am!
It is not merely a form of identification;
No! It is an embodiment of my whole being
It does not only describe my features
It gives you a description of my origin.
It does not just qualify me as a creature
It introduces you to my creator.
It does not just say I am human
It gives you my meaning.

It is not just about a phase of my life
It is the whole book of my life, as it is written of me.
It is not just about my past, present of future
It is about them three
It is not just, what I can become
It is what I am.
My name is I and I am my name!
You can see it in my eyes…

Just like scientists and their laws
My name and my creator are connected.
I am his product and bear his trademark.
My name is the declaration for the delectation of my creator.
My name is the bedrock of the loss of me…
Remember that I am still thinking of the right answer to your question.
So next time, ask me of my birth name instead of MY NAME.
My birth name could just be a word, but my NAME is something more.

“I am the child of the only living God who created heaven and earth, and who lives forever more.”

Now, that is my name.

Ebisike Amarachi