Matthew 18:14

Let the little ones come to me
For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven
Let them glide in milk’s cream wheels
And spurn round brownies guarded by horses
Do not feed them moth from empty tins
Never leave them at home in a sink
Bring’em all into my merriment
Father must not watch them die

– Rebekah E.


Awake in the belly of winter
Amidst an entourage of snowy shadows
Too late yet early
Brave in Jubilee’s race
All dog sledges had
Phased through the 44 moons
And now it’s extra time
Whistle in 30 seconds
Will end a week’s millennium
Days for years
Gone bye and dry
With a monarch’s corpse left behind
Whatever is in a minuscule minute
Should not be denied before the cock crows
To summon the giant reaper

Rebekah E.
(c) 2020