The body of Christ

The body of Christ
Divisions named denominations
Instead of strengths, no discriminations
But note this that the prophecy is unity

The Real nature of the body is this
That when the hand gets hurt
The mouth cries to the hearing of the ears
So that the eyes lead the feet to where the knee meets its creator,
The head which is Christ
This is sweet harmony
That the eyes beam with great joy as the feet gets a new wear
The reward for being beautiful
( I call that ‘Classy evangelism’)
That the lids of the eyes blink to prevent dust
As the tears flows down the cheeks to calm the broken heart
For It is the hands that carries the load as the back bears the burden
And the brain, the Spirit decides what the mouth says

But something went south, no north, no bad
Yes wrong
And these members majored in factions and differences
Loosing sight of the tendons that links the muscle to the bone, Love
That maturity should be put to play to give synergy

But Edification of all churches is paused and patience for right results is stopped
For which pain I have seen as one member esteems himself higher than the other
Such discord that is oblivious to the offender and the offended
That the mind reviles the heart
Holding back the tears that brings the healing
And Beauty is so pale
So plain, could be trampled again like 2000 and 18 years ago but this time for a different reason

What sides to be kept secret, so sacred is now exposed?
And the true fruit production freezes and ceases.
Like some kind of disease
We blame like Adam did Eve cause this ‘something’ crept in as the angel of the Light
What ears to take heed but let go hence we fall
We all would fall when we do not take heed, right?

The finger’s niche to point all its members to the hit-point of the Son
Does so otherwise and another member, no section, yes denomination, is accused
And so it is sad that eyes to see all these wear Son shades

What helping ministry is neglect to the healing ministers?
What exhortation seem insignificant to the church that prospers?
Can the memory remember that if one member suffers all suffer as honor comes with rejoicing?

Remember that we were once re-membered individually
Can we re-member ourselves back to Perfect’s bond?
And even if we were all one member, where would the body be?

For in deed we are many members, many denominations, yet one body
With strengths, no discriminations
Encouraging one to another
That we grow like the tree planted by the rivers of the Spirit
We would not feel the heat of the sun But the hit-point of the Son.

-Azubuike Hannah Chinonso-
(The Beloved of God)

(C) 2018