The End

Maybe we look for the flaws in others
to remind ourselves that we are not alone
Maybe we know that “to be honest…”
Is how we tell people that perfect is momentary

To be broken is human
To be human is broken
Maybe we hold on to our pieces
to make-up our stained glass beauty

Cycles are how we make sense of this globe
Always on a journey to where we’ve been before
We cannot stop, pauses hurts our pulses
So our heart aches for more courses

The good news is soon this too will end
You and I will give up our floors and flaws
Someone else will renew this game that we spoilt
What will become of us rests in today’s choice

– Ezeonyeka Godswill
(c) 2021

Die To Live

We die to live
Story of my life
I surely do get Abraham now
How he so loved Isaac
And how His God wanted His love dead

We die to live
Story of my life
Ambitious as it were
Drives and passions in my veins
God’s gifts to me, He wants from me
An offering of love to Him
The death of me

He would not let me rot in grave
This is the joy of rapture
He gives me back my life that my joy might be full

We die to live; story of my life

Favour Omeje
© 2020


What is Joy
Joy is pleasure
It is deeper than happiness
Joy is rapture
Rapture is orgasm

This is His gift to dead men
Men who are broken bread and poured out wine
Men of the alabaster box of savored oil
Sweet smelling living sacrifices, men of obedience

Joy is dying, joy is cheerful giving
Joy is Abraham returning home with a resurrected Isaac
For the LORD will not abandon him in the place of the dead
By Faith, you kill you; By His Spirit, He gives you your life

That is joy

Favour Omeje
© 2020


How do you explain this action without insight?
Did I say rapture without revelation?
Did it say we were going to pay attention?
I mean I heard the towns criers will cry using a trumpet
It might be tragic like the climax of a movie, to some
Suspense shouldn’t befall -be for- us since summing up Gen to Rev
Has been to look for the x in the lifestyle of Christ
How would you explain this without Christ and the cross?

© 2019



Whilst maintaining our University education illustration, we should very much understand the things that will be, as prophesied in the Scripture of truth. Now we all know that celebration is so certain after the graduation, even before being launched into a business world. So also a special celebration awaits us that will be faithful to the end in following Jesus. We are going to have a dinner with the Lord. He Himself will come and take us for a dinner, which is called, THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB, according to the Scriptures. Revelation 19:5-9. Note that this will only be for those that are taken up during the rapture and those that died in Christ before rapture. Luke 12:35-38, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17.

According to the scripture, those that died in Christ are not really dead but are asleep and at the sound of the rapture trump they will arise. To illustrate, they are in a kind of lobby in a heavenly hotel, resting and waiting for the rapture day. (Just as hell is a waiting room/lobby for the lake of fire.Revelation 20:14 says, ‘And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.’)

This means that, it is at the rapture moment we will all be caught up together to meet with the Lord in the clouds and be with Him forever, according to 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17. Then the Lord will take us for the said dinner. And while this celebration is on, many that are left behind on earth will be undergoing the great tribulation time. Jesus said in Matthew 24:20-21, “But pray ye that your flight (the rapture moment) be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day (when you are cold spiritually): For then (after the rapture) shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” The truth is, so many will still make it to heaven at last through great tribulation. (Because by the time rapture takes place, many more people will eventually believe in the Holy Bible, and follow it.) But they will not partake of the supper. And also they will have to pay with their own lives, because the grace will not really be there again. Revelation 7:9-14. This shall not be our portion in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Going to heaven should not just be your prayer and earnest desire, but going to heaven with the flight (rapture).

Also just before this test, timed world will be finally over, every knee shall bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This will be after the great tribulation, when the Lord Jesus Christ and all His saints, those with the rapture and those through the great tribulation will come back into the earth and reign over everyone that succumbed to the deception of the devil and rejected Jesus Christ’ testimony. This will be for a period of a thousand years, at the which time the devil will be bound in prison throughout those years. Then these scriptures will be fulfilled, Isaiah 45:22-23, Revelation 2:25-27 and 20:1-6.

And just before the millennia reign commences, the Lamb and His armies on their arrival in the earth will first battle with the beast, the Antichrist, and his armies. This is the battle of Armageddon. The beast shall lose and be thrown into the lake of fire alongside his false prophet, being the first to enter there. His remaining armies shall be slain by the Lamb, because He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Then the procession into the millennia reign comes in. Revelation 16:12-14 & 16, 17:14, 19:11-21.

Note this, the devil’s present most useful tool against us the followers of Jesus Christ is that of distraction, so that we may go off track and eventually miss our flight (rapture). The devil uses all the many activities of this world, including church activities sometimes to steal away the most important thing, which is our “personal” relationship with the Word (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. Luke 21:33-36, 12:35-40. Know this also that once saved is not saved forever; if you do not use your salvation rightly it can be taken away from you. Luke 19:20-26, Matthew 25:24-30, Philippians 2:13.

After the 1000 years of rule are expired, there shall be the final battle. When the devil shall be loosed from the prison, and shall deceive his followers one more time and lastly to come and fight with the Lamb and His armies (Gog and Magog Battle). The devil loses again and finally of course and he is cast into the lake of fire. Following this, all of God’s enemies are sentenced to judgement in the lake of fire. Then will come the end of this test world. All the world will be brought before the judgement throne. And though we will all be judged according to our works in this test world, what will decide if we make it into the better side of the next, untimed world, is if one’s name is found written in the BOOK OF LIFE. It is these ones that will constitute the family of God in the world to come. Revelation 20:7-15, 21:1-7. John 5:28-29

These truths may sound strange, but the Bible provides proofs to their authenticity and anyone can understand them, if we can practice maintaining a quiet spirit in the place of prayer to the One and only true living God, the God of the Bible. Such that God Himself brings us into His presence, where we study, maximizing the use of His words and ultimately just loving God for His Person.

In conclusion,
God created a time-zone world in between eternity, why? To get who will genuinely be of His family members and those who will not be, by reason of their choices, will be condemned into eternal damnation.

Revelations 1:8 perfectly sums this up:
“I am Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The Ending, saith the Lord, which is (eternity), and which was (test timed-world), and which is to come (eternity), the Almighty.”

God bless
Adebayo Funmi


So you had the awesome opportunity to get a front row seat to a game you have no interest in?

Let me guess, possibly because she looked so good that no excuse could find its way through your lips as you cowered under her overpowering presence when she said “Would you be a darling and go to the game with me?”

Sure, I do understand you were trying to be polite (and be a darling too) but I can predict one or two things about how this date or whatever she tells you will be like. First, you meet at a scheduled place or possibly you were such a gentleman (or totally bent on impressing her) that you picked her up from home with your ride and then when you get there, you walk into the arena, hand-in-hand, smiling and chatting meanwhile somewhere in your head you continue to recall all the reasons why you hate this game and you shouldn’t be here obviously but no bother you’ll just be a man (more like, things we do for love).

Now the players are on the pitch, the ever rising roar of cheers and laughter wouldn’t have been much of a bother if you had any clue as to why this amount of people would actually enjoy this game or if they could at least pipe low enough so you could manage a discussion with this beauty by your side. The announcer does a good job of further increasing the noise whilst observing various sport traditions towards commencing the game and then out of nowhere this guy who is supposedly the referee/umpire blows a whistle.

For the split second its shrill sound pierces through the noise, there is stillness in the crowd just before a resounding uproar to indicate the game has begun with the atmosphere gauged with intense anticipation and excitement. Now, for you my friend, you stare at the event unraveling before you; fruitlessly trying to make sense of it though constantly aware of the female presence by your side whilst drilling your mind for a good comment to kick-start a cool discussion.

In this very interesting mix of events that characterizes every big sport event around the globe, one thing remains true for all and that is the power of the whistle (or buzzer, or any media of control the referee/umpire uses). In every case we watch as this little instrument in the hands of one man could demand the attention of every single person in that arena at any time during the play of this game. They pay attention because for every instance the whistle is blown, there is sure to be a change in the game of play. This change can be positive or negative depending on what side of the field you’re playing from but regardless of that when that whistle is blown the game must begin or stop (either momentarily or permanently).

However, as a player in this game, you are trained in the art of playing it well and certain skills you possess have set you aside, qualifying you to represent your team to whatever degree but this same whistle means much more to you than a switch to stop or begin the game. It is to you, the law of the game. It signifies when your time in the game begins and from then you are awarded a chance to bring victory to your team by doing your very best in your designated area of play whilst maintaining sportsmanship but a single blast of the whistle could change all that. It could be to you a simple caution or the outright punishment for a foul play, it could be justice for a wrong done, it could be the end of your time on the field or it could just be the end of the game.

You see, this scenario painted right in front of your eyes is no different from what we’ve come to know and call living on this world stage. Life is a game we all are players in with the earth as our playing field and whether we accept it or not we do have a whistle locked somewhere in the lips of the referee. We may be oblivious of it but it is to us for caution, reproof, and justice and sometimes it may be the final whistle we hear as it marks the end of the game either individually or for the whole living population of the world.
I know it is easier to live a carefree life, doing what you want when you want but even in our limited understanding as humans, we know that there’s need for order, hence we set up a justice system, a moral system to caution or punish wrong doings or brings justice to the hurt. However, we run our seemingly orderly lives unaware of the most important function of the whistle


The game could go on forever if that whistle is not blown and no player would leave the field up until that whistle is blown and it finally is blown to that respect it could mean the end of the game for one or all players. It’s quite simpler than you think; if the final whistle is blown you have to get off the field. In this Life, the final whistle varies and for you it may be the sound of a gun, the last beep of the monitor as your heart stops, the thud of your body fall, the sound of screeching tires or the sound of a trump. Whatever way it happens you will have to leave this earth because your time is up.

Now no player wants to leave the field feeling like he would have done more, hence while on the field, he pours in his very best but somehow in the real game we choose to call life playing before our very own eyes, we seem to think we would never have regrets when we have to leave the playing field even when we just wasted our time of game play. We seem to think we have no coach in the cloakroom ready to analyze how well we did our part, no consequences for the way we played this game that we have only one chance at.

The greatest lie our adversary made us believe is that we are the onlookers, the cheerleaders of this game. So because we ain’t the players, when the whistle goes, the game simply ends and that’s it. We can just go ahead and just have a good time, no caution as to how short your time is. He fools you to think that you’re going to last till the last whistle so while waiting you disregard the cautions that come as the blaring of the referee’s whistle just like this very piece you’re reading, ignorant of the fact that the very next whistle could be your last.


It may not sound much like a whistle but nevertheless, it is for you and even though I sincerely pray it is not your last, it may just be.

You can’t afford to worry about the opponents devices, he is just running his game plan so you can’t afford to play against the master’s game plan, you cannot afford to not fulfill the reason why the coach put you in play because sooner than later the end of the game will come upon you even though the game has not yet ended.


No matter how bad you’ve played so far if you turn a new leaf you still have a chance at victory. Unlike every other game, the winner can only defined after the final whistle and though it is a team play the victory is individual and when the final whistle is blown you would forever be bound to what the scoreboard says.

– Ezeonyeka Godswill

In the blink of an eye….

How sad it is to think
That all we ever wanted in this life
Could be taken away in the blink of an eye
That all we worked so hard for pound by pound
Could in a moment, be nowhere found
That everything, everyone who made living worth it
Could in an instant, be lost and gone forever
In our grief we all but wonder

What a misery it is to live
In pure joy soon to cease
In love doomed for tears from a broken heart bleed
In peace never existing
In life lived towards a horrid decent
Down death’s dreadful fork-end
In time spent with no forever after assurance

If in this fallacy we call existence
We all but choose to dance the rhythm, enjoying the present
Though in the depths of our hearts the knowledge remains
Clear as crystal and we agree it’s real and evident
Yet we lead our lives neglecting its essence
Then is it all worth it, does it all make sense
That any minute from now could be the end

This fact we all have to accept
But the knowledge of its truth we may all but reject
Neglecting the choice before us set
Loosing mastery of this mystery we remain in misery
The irony!
But every day is laid before us a chance at it
The truth behind true life forever lived
The only hope we might in this world have still
In Jesus Christ in His blood, His voice and will

To give up and give in
To sit and cry overwhelmed by the reality
Of the vainness of this world we live in
May sound and appear the only option remaining
But a new message I’m preaching
One that echoes through time behind beyond within
Jesus paid the price to give us a chance with him

For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof
Yet for an apple’s bite we have all sold dominion of this world
With our God given rights lost, untamed evil runs along
But for this cause Jesus left His throne
To give us something better than the vainness life on earth has to offer
A promise a hope a future
A sure eternity worth living for
In the twinkling of an eye
It will all be gone by and by
No matter its worth or by what style
It will forever be lost in time
Beyond the fires this earth provides
Only this one message will stand true if actualized
In your life in your mind its truth realized

In just an instant
You could make that one decision for life
And enjoy a life of righteousness peace and joy what a ride!
In the blinking of an eye
We would be translated to heaven’s aisle
To be forever joined with our Lord the Christ
And with the vainness of time behind
We would see cause to smile
Forever safe in our Savior’s arm
Now that’s the Life!
Ezeonyeka Godswill