​Symphony of Experimentalists

We all wish to be called Alice
And fly into a land of true dreams.

We all feel like connecting to beyond

The lines our horizon speaks of

Against the never ceasing ideas

That life is as good as music.

We could walk along the varying tempos of this music

And wander in dreamland like Alice

Whose wonder ignites ideas

That drums our dreams

And strings we strum; talk of

In our heart and breathe beyond

We join ideas of here and beyond

Like the different parts of music

Which spots our heart as we hear of 

The wonders that she, Alice

Lived in her very dreams;

A beautiful, welcoming ideas.

We sometimes swim in ideas

In symphonies without knowing beyond

The powers of our dreams

Which sounds sweeter than good music;

Wishing we could hold the hands of Alice,

The magical being we know of

And maybe whisper to her of

Happiness which is no more just ideas

That we float in at the mention of Alice

The one whose life was beyond

The grasp of music

We can only listen to in dreams

Yet, we still believe these dreams

Our hearts yearn for and beat of

Like the constant strumming of music

As a once sickly but made whole idea


The stories we hear of Alice.

We remain envoys of good music

Just in style of a wonder; Alice

Who will always give life to our ideas.