The Resistance

Pieces of inspirations, stored in procrastination,
Has done nothing to the well being of achievements.
It doesn’t get the job started either does it get it done.
It just lies there closer to you.
Making you feel awesome like you can touch the sky.
Meanwhile, you only spy into the future using your imaginative sense.
And you taste the savor of greatness without getting a chop of the meal.
You will never start until ready starts going.



Hmmm…Have you walked down this lane?
The lane of the warring voices embedded in the mind?
Where voices rage war in the soft bones of your mind,
Over choices and decisions,
Voices sounding right under the spell of imaginative confusion,
Wrong when castrated of the spell,
Where reasoning becomes afraid to reason,
Cos even in the cause of reasoning choices coated in capsules of poison seize thy taste of choice,
Confused over nothing yet confused over everything,

Drowned in the ocean of counterfeited uncertified voices draining broken pieces of unfulfilled dreams sketched out,
These voices keep on speaking,
That the only surviving cartilage in the brain of my head has been ruptured
Unseen yet powerful and influential voices, trapped in myriads of scorn,
This is an inbuilt ethnic war,
Who can save me from this destiny device,
Where voices echo unraveled solutions and complicated ideas to same thing,
Which do my being become a slave to?

Rains of confusion has embarked on a rescue journey at the central park of my head,
Taking rest at the hallucinated desolate field of lost,
The sweet and gentle voice of procrastination has embalmed its statue in me and silenced my voice of reason placing it in the solitudinal grave of eternity,

I wear smiles wrinkled on the inside,
Spraying the perfume of faded smile to avoid panel of questioning,
Inner pimples has eaten deep my dimpled mind of rest,
Hiding under the cloaky face care of MARY KAY
To bring out the dimples amidst the pimpled troubled mind,

Which voice do I cling to?
The sugar coated diabetic voice or the fading- like silent voice embedded with thorns and water logged pathway to destiny,

OH!!! OH
War of voices within…
My soul has become aged at the peak of my youthful mind,
Let me think and make one… my permanent abode for a gloomy doom await the confused mind making choices,
Follow me on my journey but with cautioned silence.

Kanu Nonye

© 2018


Tomorrow is priceless,
Like jewels, merchants would love it prized,
As music, it is on everyone’s lips,
I will go there tomorrow,
I’ll finish that book tomorrow,
I’ll make that call tomorrow,
Tick tock! tick tock!! tick tock!!!
The clock never stops singing,
Tasks becomes tall like story buildings,
Because tomorrow never stops coming.

Tomorrow is a dream,
Full of hopes to the brim,
Decorated with beautiful dreams,
That ends up never becoming real,
Tomorrow is a mirage,
It steals away time,life and opportunity.

Tomorrow is pregnant,
Birthing beautiful babies,
Only for ready mothers with flowing breast milk,
Tomorrow is a beauty,
Beheld as a mirror only by those who fulfills their duty,
Like butterflies and rainbow,
Full of colors of shades untold,
Flapping its wings to destinations and heights unknown,
Oh! how prized it is because,
Tomorrow is really expensive.

Tomorrow is an expensive joke
Fueled by procrastination
Driven by falsification
Embalmed by the beautiful aroma of deceit and lies

Tomorrow does not exist
It never comes, neither does it end
It repels redemption and negates hard work
It fans to flames the fires of laziness
And feeds the multitude with the bread of “there is time”

Tomorrow is a thief of time
So make the most of today!
Redeeming the time
Because the days are evil.

Priscy Macq

(c) 2018


In that dark and lonely prison

I sat neglected and alone

Kept company only by reason

And many a tear rolling down in a sob

I tried to move for want of ease

The chains clanked the pains increased

The worst had happened and hopes decreased

For everyday brought me closer to sorrow’s abyss

But how did i get this far

How could i have missed my way?

How could i not understand?

That paradise i had already given away

My heart quakes and quivers as i remember

That it hadn’t always been this way

But now all the memories concur

And i have a story to tell, my story

A story long in its stride but yet precise

Short it may seem but detailed it is

Tis a story of one who lost his way

And now heads undoubtedly for shame

As i said this course i now undertake

 Was not the first my feet would ever tread,

But just a choice i made one day

Was enough to seal my fate.

Like a slow fade

I had stepped away

For a moments pleasure and spice

I had given away love and paradise

As i trudged along hopelessly

A voice called out my name sweet and sincere

A silver lining in the darkest of clouds

Twas my first love calling me home again

Reach out and believe he said

You don’t have to end this way he said

But it couldn’t be that easy i thought to myself

How could he i had hurt so much still draw me to Himself?

As i reached out he reached out to me

He pulled me up and out of my chains

And like a flash i was on my long forgotten path

I was free at last i am free at last

As we walk along

My joy knows no bounds

I don’t have to look forward to eternal doom

Cos i walk the part of life with my one true love

As we talk, his words refresh

He’s always there even when no one cares

He helps me through this journey to paradise

My story has now become a love story


Ezeonyeka Godswill