Enslaved Slavers


Was such a beauty”, he

Said, “painted ebony by the hands of nature;

Her skin a crystal of black hues; no mixture:

Indifferent to the never ending

Showers of sun’s rays”.

He looked beyond her thick

Hips; lips that chatter to no end

Like the parrot’s friendly nattering,

To the pale skinned one

Whose nose directs to seven seas;

Seasons that sun’s rays brings.

Mirrors became her god;

“Sod! This beauty”, she cried.

Stones became her friend,

Her skin constantly under it’s bite

Till at last, this once crystal  of black

Turned as sallow as autumn leaves.

As sickly as she looked,

She was a new beauty, hooking

many-a-man who dared glanced at her

Glowing skin once so fancy,

But now dull; streaks of colours

Like the rainbow as the stone bite so deep.

Her charm were no more;

His stares became harmful.

One option remains for her;

To plaster the walls of her face

Forever more in varying thicknesses;

A cover for the long shone rainbow weak lines.

His gaze once again fell on her like

The rising sun; prodding her on,

On the art of painting.

She became tired of masking

But all her blackness were

Long gone with the stone’s bite.

She enslaved his eyes

To her beaming beauty,

But the stone enslaved here