Time’s refreshing there’s a threshing hand are pulling off
I’m uncertain as I set it there’s a shaky thought
First the focus was the process and out of the box
Then we grooved into the tracks that they warned us about
Who hasn’t had to fake forgiveness cause Love is the boss

Weld my hands to them ploughs and comot the noise
Yah my Jireh and the dark is in both of the testaments
Both of the testaments
And my brethren are runners from different walks
Sparking through the throng, Jesus with the miracles
Jesus with the miracles

Zero till he did it
None till he gimme
Sometimes it hurts, but chasing is fun
Faith say he will finish
Blind to the seeming
Sound the horns, let the Word Ones wake

Time to wake the message in the hearts of many men
What was hard before can eat the ease of acumen
Born to start infernos, tongues of fire on their heads
I said Take the full armor, they said Take your meds

Weld my hands to them ploughs and comot the noise
Yah my Jireh and the dark is in both of the testaments
Both of the testaments
And my brethren are runners from different walks
Sparking through the throng, Jesus with the miracles
Jesus with the miracles

Niel Quchi
© 2023

Immortal Strategy

Hello Friends!

It’s been a hot minute since we did this, and how I’ve missed you lovely people. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and an even better Easter celebration? I know I did. Last Freestyle Friday, while we celebrated the perfect plan of God in Salvation, we tried to answer a very important question; Could you have strategized your life better than God has?

While we pondered on this, and reflected on the gift we have been given in the nature of God’s life, His power, and our beloved eternal family, two of our very talented poets edified us with poems on the topic Immortal Strategy.

Niel our host started as usual with this beautiful piece;

Question is for people who have counted paces
Seen that they did not always make healthy choices
Who betrayed the fam for half the stew of Esau
Oxlade in the dark, not caring that he saw

My strategy was a hole in me, I’d never be all I need be, Sin CV
Plans on plans to balablu the lack
Flutter through the waves for pay to stack
Piggyvesting testing the waters too small for shark do
And then the jealousy extends from me to those with more goods
And I could be tied if I relied on half the limits I have
But I have defied half of the grind, my help is meet forever

Healthy meat and pepper
It rests on King Yeshua
God my planner
The one who waters from a rock in the sun
To us a son is given, to us a child born

The right trajectory dodges when power thinks it might
The race is not to the SWIFT, the OS is the Spirit
I’d rather travel a lot, than go the way of Lot
If God is righting my writing, I’ll let him build the plot

Strategy divine
First step is listen
Next thing I needed
Was yielding to his mission
Seeking first the kingdom
Yielded my ambition

Being reborn with God’s own name and ammunition


If you wanted a chunky, beautiful ride on words, with a sweet reminder that we are horrible planners, even worse decision makers, and had little in the form of strength to save ourselves from those bad decisions, then this poem was it! Thank God for God who is capable of saving even the worst of us from ourselves ehh?

The next piece came from our beautiful Hannah Ijike;

One would wonder what went through the minds of the Angels in heaven. How they looked at God as he looked at his son. How he did nothing when his son was crucified. They may have known the plot but didn’t know the gravity.

One would imagine an angel flew down to help Jesus when he fell with his cross and God says “Don’t you dare!”

One would imagine Angel Michael holding his peace. The burden of having all weapons to do justice but restrained. Demons gaping at him. Telling him he has no power to do anything. Telling him to see the reason why they left heaven for hell. To think God was reasonable to let his son down and Satan will not seize that opportunity.

One would wonder why the heavens were so still. When you lack words, what do you do? You keep silent. When the Word is not with you, silence becomes inevitable. But now even the Word without them refuses to speak. Angels at his call! One would see the strength of Jesus, though a master at words but knew it was not time to speak.

One would imagine what madness. To refuse the use of your creative power when it was needed the most.

To know power, tested and tried. To know mastery, tested and tried. To know wisdom, tested now tried.
This, one would imagine what was in the minds of the Angels when they saw Jesus crucified.

Tell me you felt this! Tell me your heart sped up too as you read this! Tell me you smiled too! That you were taken on this journey, and your imagination was challenged too! Gosh! The imagery, the gripping authority of her words strung together in perfection, giving you a glimpse of another side of this eternally relevant story. Tell me you felt it too!

Regrettably, we have come to the end of today’s Freestyle Friday recap journey. Good things have to end sometimes too, and it was such an honour to have you with me on this journey. I’ll leave you with a beautiful parting gift; the perfect Easter song written by our very own Captain, Sir Ezeonyeka Godswill, and performed by the beautiful Glory (HISglory). The song is titled ‘Ransomed’ and it’ll take you on a very memorable journey through the redemption story. You’ll get a taste of mastery, skill, talent, the feels, and a good dose of edification.

You can find Ransomed streaming on all platforms, and I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me. You’re welcome!

My name is Miracle, and have a blessed day my friends!


Niel Quchi

Hannah Ijike


Cursive, no thieves, just leaves, viva la valedictorian
Verily voting for venom,
Victims inclusive of some who had heard of him
Vocal for Jesus like voting or venting
The vast invitations have vogued him
Visions of Vashti vroom through my vexing
But all I visit is the invincible
Vote it over all the visible
Vexing never vindicated alone

Eyes stay above from thought to tone
Violent verbal confession
No thieving touches the one will say
“I am more than Victorious”

Niel Quchi
© 2023