I used to head to A. G. most Sundays truly
Right until my pops popped in another assembly
Up in Abj, the irreligious allow arch-bars
A friend told me once, never allow wack bars

So I dug into the Spirit
I am in it cause I won it
Shackles made of responsibility
But I dance
Yeah I praise
By God l’mma glorify the Elohim

No need for the pressure or the inhibition
That meat for the idols has become our culture
But all the cattle and the hills are mine in the Lord
I used to cower, now my freedom got my brothers Michael Jackson in disapproval.

The Niel Quchi
© 2020


We are not men who walk down the street with our pants reaching out for our legs
Neither are we those that make their mouth ovens where nothing is baked except their lungs, we are men who inspired the first breath of God
We are tongue-twisting thunder talking teachers
Read that again and see how we make mysteries a cup of tea
Have you seen us move our lips like choir directors to conduct the movement of souls in the world?
These are ways we make the world our brothers, no borders with our words
We are not always wielding what’s rightfully ours
But you can be more than sure what we’ve got is true power
We do not waste our time on spades and knife when we’ve got words lying right on top our hearts
Our battle cry is “Abba Father”, we were not thought to loose
We are on the attack, our victory already secured
The gates of Hades fall at our feet as we deliver those once lost
Ordinary meat doesn’t make up our muscle, ours are made of blood dripping from the cross
Cause we have learned to work out our salvation, by going as the spirit instructs
We love because we’ve been loved and taught to love
We tsunami because power birthed us and gave us authority

Ezeonyeka Godswill
© 2020


I have been a gladiator all my life,
Wrestling with both man and beast all these times,
A complexion of my scars,
The door to my mind’s wounds,
I scarcely knew a hero within these black holes,
Far from the skies,

I entertained spectacular foes for audience,
And my evening had unfolding shows that were popular for my trophy pose,
With facades of joy,
After which I was given the raw meat to eat with a glass of some bitterness to sip,
My pride servicing my red eyes,
With lots of grin applause as envy came as a plus,

Death was my inevitable choice,
A sting option, patient for it’s active chance to occur,
And so no matter the wins, the victims, the gifts I gave,
I was yet to please him dead,
I gave my rivals befitting houses of sorrows with my lying arrows as my wrath residues,
No morrows, as my bow bows them into my memories of victory stairs,

I’ve been in this game for so long,
Long before Seth was born as another son ceded,
Playing with my breathe as my life solemn song,
I had not gone passed the dawn of game seven,
And this was no Seth’s based ball,

The summer sage started,
When the first boomerang of teenage battle, unlatched my belt and I stumbled into some piles of dirty lies,
My chest cage got broken when I mistook the right turn for the rest, having the same look as the dust after hauling down to the earth,
The crowd’s laughter grew,
As I made futile efforts to move with my trousers down clogging my boots,
This was no goodness of peace running through my restless veins,
It was vain to shield myself from this day waiting to happen,

Finally with just one slingshot,
My hard hat headed off my head,
And I couldn’t think straight,
It was obvious that I was unsafe,
I was the lad who brought a pen knife to a sword fight,
My only gifted weapon passed down from my elder brother who departed before the age of impart,
I could only keep his last statement which was..
One word of believe from,
Your lips and this penknife becomes a sword,

But as I said,
This day with the weeks following it became the years,
I was not thinking straight,
I mean whose youngster would read Eph6:10-17 and relate a thing?
So there I was unclad ,
A master at pleasing my audience,
This misery of mine became a life series served as an appetizer to Death’s main dish,

My only hope was found in two windows
One of which was an opportunity at game seven and the other, my escape plan,
This was the chance, Death never had,
A chance become the hero within these black holes,
A chance to experience the real joy,
All I needed was a new war dress,
To address this life’s mess,
I needed to get my head straight,
To speak out that Living word of believe,
I needed to guard my heart’s cage to decide what was right and just best,
My belt so tight, I would be smart enough to deliver this truth,
My boots ever ready to tell others there could be a new you,
A faith to shield all these armors cause dead men tell no ,tales,

And so here I am,
A gladiator with a different profession,
Fighting man’s spiritual beast,
Casting down every imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of my new found Truth,
I bleed my penknife into a sword every time I speak,
My confession has been a salvation in deed,
I am the young star who reads Eph6:10-17 and relates even with 18,
Death’s sting option was quiet late,
So whenever I win these daily battles,
I prove that the Truth already had the victory in the war,
And right now, I’m gaining mastery of this course.

© 2018

M&M- Gifts

Good day everyoneMilk and Meat has returned, though it was not meant to go anywhere in the first place.

I want to first apologize for the absence for many Fridays, which led to this break. It was due to a lot of constraints which I have been able to handle to a point. I hope I am forgiven.

That been said, let us conclude the study we started on the gifts of the Spirit.

We have looked at 3 of the gifts present in our new nature. We divided these 9 gifts into 3 categories and looked at only one. From today we would take a look at the other 6 so buckle up as we see the gifts made available for our use and as we go into this, I pray that an enablement would be quickened in us and these gifts would begin to find continual expression in us. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Our text is still from the book of 1Corinthians 12:8-10

8 for to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

9 to another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

10 to another the working of miracles; to another prophesy; to another discerning of Spirits; to another diverse kinds of tongues; to another interpretation of tongues.

Last time I made a statement that one believer can operate in all of the 9 gifts. The phrases “for to one is given” and “to another” doesn’t infere that the gifts are specific to certain individuals.

If this were to be so, then it should be ONE gift per individual and if you had more than one because it says “and to one is given” and then a particular gift is mentioned. Another thing wrong with thinking like this would be that it is a work done by the individual, NO! it is a work done by the Spirit resident in the individual, it is a single, self same Spirit resident in ALL believers at ALL times.

The last thing wrong about this thinking is this, in 1Corinthians 12:31 Paul said “but covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet I shew you a more excellent way”. I am yet to see a coveteous man that takes count of how many things he has coveted. So how would Paul say we can only have some gifts and then ask us to covet the best gifts?

What happens is us giving expressions to these gifts, and our desires is how we covet them. The Spirit is ever more than willing to operate in these gifts, He wants us to heal people, to use our faiths, He doesn’t want us in the dark when a contrary spirit is in operation, HE WANTS TO LEAD US, lets desire these gifts and have faith mixed with boldness to speak with what the Spirit lays in our hearts from today forward.

Let us look at the gifts that do something, and that would be;

*The gifts of healing

*The workingof miracles

 *The gift of faith.
This discussion continues next Friday, be a part, drop your questions in the comment section or send a mail to christapoet@gmail.com and get set to enter into a magnificient era of your christian life.
Grace and Peace.
Njoku Uchechi

Official Christapoet Spoken Word Poet