This is My Plea!

Hi. My name is Yahweh and I come from a State called Forever. I bet you’ve heard my story before so I’ll just give a few lines here just to get straight to the point.

I live just across the street so you can find me anywhere, anytime. However its not been that easy catching up with you. I know you been busy; a lot of times you’ve had to show up and say hi. A lot more times however, you didn’t. I know you’ve had to go through so much stress so often. You’ve got kids, work to do, stuff to attend to, business to manage. The technology that makes life easy ironically makes the world faster and your world harder. Yeah, I know; at least, I guess so. I guess that’s why you’ve not been picking my calls lately either. And then I wait all day long just to hear from you, waiting by my phone, hoping you’d care to call. Dashing my hopes every minute I thought I heard my cell phone ring only to find that there’s not as much as a missed call from you.

Point is, I’m guessing you’ve had old friends to meet, addresses to locate, invitations to honor, assignments to submit, cases to close, colleagues to deal with. That’s not to say I haven’t got any of those but I always have time carved out just for you. Yet I don’t fall in any part of your schedule? I mean, is that it? Cos you haven’t as much time to even at least write and say why you won’t be coming; and I thought we had a relationship.

So I want to ask. I want to lay it down right here, right now, straight as an arrow. What do you say? You know I couldn’t just break up with you even if I wanted to. Why? Cos I love you so much already, I cant! I just cant! So what do you say? One advice: decide for yourself. It wont do you any good to just let the ‘nays’ have it, cos you are your own man. And c’mon, I just want you to be happy.

You know, I’m done guessing cos all this guessing just wont make any sense in our relationship, just as it wouldn’t in any. I’m just saying, talk to me. Just talk. Tell me ’bout your fears, your day, your feelings. Let us talk about faith, about love, about anything you can ever think of! I am saying, learn to talk to me. Just talk. Just come to me anyhow and we’ll talk some more. Beat time and come. I mean, what have you got to lose?
So this is it. My name is Yahweh. I am just, and this, this is my plea.