Be unlike ’em -be different!
At first it’s a pain,
Take the applause afterwards.

Khaki up!
Lay down the fear – face it.

Life’s a two side coin,
Make a mark on both sides.

Make history not gold
Gold flies,
History will always come back around.

Tunde Micheal



If I give you a pad to write all the things that have crossed your mind to do, I am sure it will run into pages. As a matter of fact, you have been writing New Year resolutions for the past how many years? And for each time, there is something you tell yourself you will want to achieve that year…

Interestingly, this year was not different. Some of those plans have been carried over to the point that they really want out. And right now, you do not even know if you are going to actualize any of those plans this year.

Let me tell you something;

For every idea that is generated in your mind, you have to potential to actualize it.

I always tell people that whatever you can think of, you can have it. If it crossed your mind, then it should be mined. Now I will ask you to go to the place where you have kept that journal of ideas and get them out. Look at them again from the beginning and ask yourself this question: Did this cross my mind? If the answer is YES, then you have to quickly make a dash to the next paragraph.

The next thing I want you to do is tell yourself this: I will take the first step to make these ideas a reality and I am going to take them one at a time. Oh! That sounds relieving, right? This is just the beginning. I will need you to constantly tell yourself this and trust me, it will drive you to go for it.

That idea needs to be unboxed. You need to get it out of the book-box and start working on it. If you do not go for it, they will remain wherever you have kept it and you have the giver of the idea to answer to. My friend, GO FOR IT!

Not everyone is going to like what you do or what you have to offer; however, if you can’t see yourself doing anything else, and you have the drive and ambition, get the training and go for it

– Kristin Chenoweth.


(Transforming the World through the Word)


Since the days I learned to write my ABC’s I have always known that E effortlessly came before the Gs and Hs and with eyes like mocking jays’ ears I watched as this routine set to educate with Greek elements taught me that the Es Extraordinary will always exceed the N’s Normal that the best B-E-S-T only referred to people who constantly applied Basic Excellence to Supersede every Trial that dared believe possible is not a closed universal set with only such elements available but an ever growing individual set only bound by the extent to which we stretch so we stretch till our limits no longer exist we stretch till our breathes cease and we lay hold on eternity as we be physically transformed to who we truly are saints. We stretch cos we are sent.

So Hello Reality,

My name is Godswill Ezeonyeka and I have decided to not be bound by your rules. Trust me, it is not my intent to come off proud or maybe arrogant; but I just can’t fit into the boxes you house me in anymore. You claim the odds are against me that I can never beat this and fitting in seems the best option, but then I would be lost. So what sense does it make when the struggles of my life gets me fighting for my life? Do I live by the sword only to die by its side?

My name is Godswill Ezeonyeka; and don’t be mistaken, this is no identity crisis. I could join ISIS and show you how real this is but Christ is my Choice, it goes way deeper than what eyes see. This is my decision― to leave like Abraham, eat like Daniel, give like Solomon, to preach like Paul; to only appear normal yet be free so you can see that you’ve been barking up the wrong tree. I am certain you do not know who these people are because the last you heard from them is a letter like this as they dared realms unseen; stomping impossibilities. Their lives all but lost.

Yes― you can call me ‘Unreasonable’, but I make Reason able to find roots on solid― Word. God’s words. So I don’t make thoughts of the pains to come if I fail the shame and repercussions I dare to challenge for yet my rod will still stretch out above these waters, my knees will not yield your command, listen I skate on storms and though a giant may charge at me, you will not want to miss the next news headlines “greater is He that lives in me”.

My name is Godswill Ezeonyeka, and I am sorry― No― I do not agree that things go one way. That fate holds all cards to play. That I am helpless. Too many lies. Do you know who I am? The known world was called forth because of me, so don’t tell me of a ‘real world’, I decide which is real― the world my eyes see or the world I see in His eyes. I call the shots, Reality. You owe me, Reality; so pay attention.

My name is Godswill Ezeonyeka, and I may not be as brave, see this is not about a thorough plan. Your fire may burn me, my friends; the King may not stretch his sceptre for my safety, this boiling oil might be the last of me, these walls so thick may not give way to my victory still His faithfulness makes me faith-full ― Yes! No matter the stakes, I stay high on His intoxicating Word no matter what you bring my way, Reality. Hope you are still listening?

Cos I know for a certainty that aside fairy tales, animals can talk, water can stand tall as walls, the sun can take a pause on its journey and hungry lions can get selective with their lunch. Fire can defy the laws of gravity, a valley full of death can rise to become a mighty army and a man can with God as a son speak. So it doesn’t matter what you think, I just want you to know this much

I have chosen to right my perspectives; to redefine my reality

Like others…and others yet would, I have chosen Him over you and me.

I am broken from your rules.

In Jesus I live. True.


Yours sincerely…


By Ezeonyeka Godswill & Henry ‘Glofame’ Okoli