The story ends the same
No dime for this prediction
Inadvertently, the head remains on top
Experience is not the best teacher
Perhaps this next person will be different
Too sweet not be swept off
Way different from my last mistake
But mistakes come in different shades of grey
Some shades more obvious than others
Nevertheless, this may be a lighter shade of grey

You’ll need brooms and mobs
It has been a while this heart was used
The key hole rusty and needs lubrication
The key dumped in a dump of keys
So Mister, I hope you are as patient as you claim
Trail begins and as my drum of key reduces
And his drum of sweat increases
Alas the keys exhaust and no one fits
You must have missed the right key
In no particular order
Frustrated ransack unfolds
My heart hurts from this careless handling
I can’t blame you for meeting a rusty heart
I understand you tried
You are only human

A ban to avoid a rebound
But I wouldn’t wanna let a good man go
So let’s go
You look skilled and smart
Are those tools for picking locks
Because keys don’t unlock my heart
That smirk on your face shows you know your way around
A tweak here and there
Alas, this is the very first time I’ll be accessed this fast
But you didn’t unlock a gold mine
You unlocked a dumpster
Grab that broom Mister left
Hold on
Your eyes are teary
The wheezing sound you are making
You can’t be here
Go get some air
It’s not your fault you are asthmatic
I understand you tried
You are only human

Some time to mourn
That’s the end
Then tagged along a real man
Not flashy like the rest
But it’s high time I switched tastes
Big rough hands can surely clear this dumpster
You won’t be needing a broom
Grab a rake let’s get to work
The filth makes me sick
A lot of baggage I have to carry around
It leaves no space for inhabitants
Raise the table, revenge
Raise the cushions, pain
Keep raising, keep discovering
Why are you jumpy
Why is your heart racing
Oh you hate crawling things
How would you not expect mice and likes in a place like this
I’ll spare you
I understand you tried
You are only human

Don’t seat there and judge me
I would clean myself if my eyes can see my back
This is where the journey ends
But hold on
I hear of an invisible superhero
I’m not one to see marvel comics
But they say he’s justice league summed up and more
There’s nothing to lose so why not
After introduction
We kick off chatting
The first thing he tells me, I love you
You must be fast and furious
Be turbo for a while
Day after day he proves it
When I throw my tantrums, he stays
When mice and likes run past, he stays
He doesn’t mind staying in my dumpster
But with each conversation we have, nuisances disappear
His words are vacuum cleaner
Systematically he sucks up the dirt
Plants flowers and have butterflies dance around
All trash that keep me down is gone
Now I fly
Where humans fail, the invisible superhero thrives
I understand he wins
He was human, now God!


(c) 2018