The End

Maybe we look for the flaws in others
to remind ourselves that we are not alone
Maybe we know that “to be honest…”
Is how we tell people that perfect is momentary

To be broken is human
To be human is broken
Maybe we hold on to our pieces
to make-up our stained glass beauty

Cycles are how we make sense of this globe
Always on a journey to where we’ve been before
We cannot stop, pauses hurts our pulses
So our heart aches for more courses

The good news is soon this too will end
You and I will give up our floors and flaws
Someone else will renew this game that we spoilt
What will become of us rests in today’s choice

– Ezeonyeka Godswill
(c) 2021

The Real Heartbreaker

Dear heart, how long will you fail mankind?
Fail to believe, fail to act
Fail to think deep, fail to rise

The grey haired are to be epitome of wisdom and glory
Knowledge and insight
But then you have a knack for changing handwritings as you please
Oh heart!

The young are symbols for strength, vision but your luring ability hijacks like a virus, their strength for promiscuity

You, dear heart is the real heart breaker in all these
You give out poison and is also infected by it
Who will help the heart?
Christ, the King of hearts

(c) 2020


I have really wise friends
I have really smart friends
And then I have these other friends. These ones I don’t know how to classify them.

For when you hear their thought process, you will wonder if this part of the body called a brain is vestigial in some animals.
When they utter words, you automatically want an occupation with hammers for every thing they say make you want to break their head.

But then I got to thinking;
6 years,
10 years;
200 years from now and these same ‘not so senseless’, poor in making decisions, and utterly tiring friends of mine would be known as ‘the ancestors’
A status men will begin to idolize.

I see us use a whole lot of our mind’s compartment to believe things that were told to us by people who couldn’t figure out simple things, I mean, some of the very learned of them actually argued that the earth was flat, like a table.


I am not even talking about the unlearned ones from your villages that birthed those you now call grandpa. Just imagine it.

They told you to pour drinks on the floor for the ancestors and you agree, well it’s *Omenala, so it can’t be broken.
They said a woman should be shorn when her husband dies and well, who are we to not obey the voices of ignorance passed down to us?

We carry knowledge like tentacles on a snail’s head but still slip back into the cave of ignorance we use to shell whatever good we can make of life, just because we have been told to ‘stand on the wisdom of the elders’,
Now guess who said that? ‘THE ELDERS’

I feel this is rigged.

Then our faith, love, strength, and even humanity is subject to a broken past called tradition,
Something that might have been suggested by a ‘not so smart’ old man who was only opportune to live before us.

So I take a stand today.
I will relate with the rules of the ancestors like they were still alive now
I will weigh their wisdom based on how wise it is, NOW!
I will not waste my time in their myth, only to satisfy their dead bones long gone with the sands of time.

I will make decisions now and then advice younger generations to learn from my words, but before I go from this earth;

I will let them know I wasn’t the wisest
I wasn’t the smartest
I was as man as man can be

And most of all;
As they grow, and find better ways to do what I said couldn’t be done,

They shouldn’t be afraid to discard my letters and fly the plane of their imaginations to outer space and back.

For no matter how sacred we decide to treat the scrolls of heroes past,
And bend always to their judgments on matters, using them as the ultimate yardstick to measure life.

I dare say that many of them were also as confused as we are at some points of important decisions,
And to crown it all, some chose wrongly.

Which only goes to say that we with them were all normal humans.

And if I won’t let another man dictate what I do and decide I run my life, I’m including the great ancestors too.


*Omenala is the Igbo(Nigerian Language) word that means tradition

Think about this (UC Truth)

I will teach you something that took me over 10 years to learn.

Attention suddenly increases by at least 30 percent when someone claims experience in a certain thing.

You open eyes wide so you would see truth but I just lied,
Then you swallow whole like a bird does its seeds every false information I have to give.

But that’s not the lesson I have to give;
This won’t be free of charge so you would need to first subscribe to my channel, and then pay attention.

Internet age, how old is it?

How many times have you believed something just because generations before told you so?
Because they have done it so, so we should do same?

Who taught you that the left hand is bad compared to the right?
Where did you learn to hate snakes?
Ohh! Before you go all scriptural on me remember that HE made them and called them ‘good’

Are cats really witches turned to suck?
Our blood the owls and bats devour?
Is it really true that destinies can be stolen and returned?
And if I can barely stay awake during the day, then why not just let me work at night?

See animals understand themselves and act naturally
No forced rhythms to dance to
No need tuning unto stations where their bodies aren’t trained to live

They hunt when they find best, naturally
Live where they can breathe, naturally
And feed on what they can eat, naturally.

No wonder they run away from humans, well, bad association corrupts good manners.
And I would run too if I wasn’t me, human.

We have become a flaw to our own self by our rules and countless regulations, which only seems to excel when we get those screams of approval as or fans regulate us.

But I tell you, you can dare to be different
Do what you love,
Learn to play some games,
Study what you like,
Do work hard, and you don’t have to go to sleep at night just because they all do the same.

Be you, breathe,
Don’t become the next dog on life’s leash

It’s bliss to know that left and right;
White or black;
Tall or short;
Fat or slim;

..are all perfect shapes for their own holes

I am filling my spot, are you doing the same?

Think about this and get to living, and be quick about it, for the animals are still watching.

When I try to complain…

Words well up from behind my eyes as I type
them without format, stanza or protocol. I simply
need to eradicate the stench of annoyance that
has built up from years of not flushing my
system properly of irritation.
The log of wood in my left eye has grown a
canopy that is the habitat for my patience and
perhaps, I have become a patient nursing the
promises of my Comforter as I watch my kin
shiver in a cold world.
I want to dump my conscience, having found it
has been conditioned by the same Miss
Information that hails from The knowledge of
Good and Evil. Since I’ve fallen off that family
tree, I want to leave that Local Government Area
behind, but…
Lord You said if I left mother, father, sister,
brother and anything anyone for you I would
surely get more in return, but is this what you
meant? Should I really abandon these people to
their ways?
Yes?! I hear you saying ‘Yes’!!
Yes, why not Yes right? With one word, you solve
my dilemma and as usual where I’ve come to
sulk and pout, you suck me dry of depression
and pour out your peace. If I didn’t have you I
would surely have snapped like a twig
underneath a stampede.
Tomorrow I will have a smile for everyone, and
your words will crawl down the my heart only to
drip through my lips and ripples of joy and
praises will send waves of glory into eternity.
It is you, working in me, willing and doing your
thing. All they’ll see is you, while even I am
healed inside your startling power. My gratitude
is unspeakable but I know you know my
thoughts, so you know my expressions of worship
are merely outbursts of spirit pressure.
You are mine, and I am yours,
Your eternal Majesty;
The Lord of Light and Life,
The King of Heaven,
First Signatory of The Better Covenant,
Grand Architect of the Universe,
The Invisible Lord of Everything,
The Inventor of Music and Beauty,
The Chief Dispenser of Meaning,
The Author of Language and Progenitor of its
The Beginning The End,
The Boundary of Existence,
The Puzzle of Wisdom,
The Spirit of Truth,
The Way to Immortality,
The Conqueror of Death,
The Slayer of Nothingness,
My Father, Teacher, Healer, Provider, Shield,
Reward, Wisdom, Power, My God and Lord.
My Spirit, words must have been invented for
this very purpose, You!!!
The Love,
The Inventor of Lovers,
You better prepare, because I’m coming home to
praise you like you imagined from the beginning
of the world; and you know… You know.

a light in dark times



It’s a lonely empty world out there!

Sure it makes no sense to your ears

‘cos statistics hold sufficient claim to a certain 7 billion souls walking the globe

Yet like my creator all I see is a big void

An empty nothingness, wish I could call forth the brightness like He did but I’m no Edison

No! I simply do not have that capacity, I am an inductor

You see the very same curse that robs this world of its fullness

is what right now invades my consciousness

I am living proof to the thick darkness that lurks in obvious sight

permit me to call this day-night. Continue reading


She began speeding down the road
A million miles per hour
A smile pasted on her face
Oblivious she was headed in the wrong direction.

Just imagine her short-lived disdain when the obstacle suddenly cut short her fairy tale ride and the last sound she ever heard was her cry…

She had her hands on the controls
Everything seemed right
So she figured,
She could afford to shut her eyes and enjoy the ride.
A ride, everyone had stamped as alright
Besides everybody was doing it now
…so why contrive?
What worked for them should definitely work in my different way for me
So freeway or highway she was definitely bound to end up this way anyway.

You can imagine the way that smile immediately turned upside down

No! literally it turned upside down
Because her head on collision with deception and betrayal
Hurt and disappointment
Crashed into the ill placed curb of destruction
Carefully camouflaged by a black and white track called lust
Which was so strong that she tumbled over and over again
Until she hit the ground hard enough to shake of thoughts of survival
Simply because she refused to read the red tall sign that cautioned quietly; STOP

So there she lay, on a bloodied road named Guilt
Dying a death another already did
Trying to pay for a life already paid for
She was what you may call Lost…

If she however would only open her eyes
Unlike Judas she may not fail so woefully at the sight of a possibility: A NEW LIFE
How she doesn’t have to hang from a rope
Because He already hung from a tree…
Endured a Calvary of sorrows
In exchange for her joy
You see, she will no longer be Lost
…or even worse condemned.
Where the sting of death ended was far from where the mark of Christ started
In fact it was non negotiable!
When Him who is Life held the keys to her eternal hell
He chose to set her free.

She must realize…
That like a corpse laid dead for four days
A word spoken from the very lips of creation was able to re-jerk a pulse so cold and far spent
Regenerate a heart so used and wasted
Turn a pot of clay into a vessel of Gold…        
She must choose to realize
That she has only arrived at the CROSSroads
…where Grace and mercy meet.

But first she must open her eyes…