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EVERYDAYJESUS’ Free Download DIY! (An update)

The Word of God does not return to Him void. It must accomplish His purpose for the sending. This means that when God uploads any file online, the file can never return to Him without someone downloading it. All we should do is to ensure that we were part of those that downloaded it. We are therefore supposed to have the data required for our download. Faith is our data!
Par exemplar,
If I want a video, I just get some data to download my video. In the same way, if I want a guitar, I look in my Bible to stir up my faith (data) that will enable me receive that which had already been given.
‘Given’, because in His Word everything was uploaded ‘online’.
I have everything I need in Jesus’ name. My father has uploaded everything that pertains to life and godliness. All that I need to do is to just download.
Besides every one of my download is free. Receiving is free because I have free access to do all my downloads. This license is the Name of Jesus. It is a Family heritage- if you know what I mean.
So family lets download!
Call it a game if you like!