Some people claim love does not exist

But let me let you in on a little secret I know

I have firsthand beheld love’s true being, I can tell where it lives

Hold your horses, don’t be hasty without no compass in my hand

I will reveal love’s abode, I will tell you where it breeds


It lives in the morning tea we take together at our table

The prayer we said to our father before we left our comfy rest

It lives in the goodbye we say longing for more minutes but looking forward

To the beauty of the evening when work would have hid its face

Producing fruits we would together feast on – our satisfaction found at home


It takes us by surprise as the little boy that has now become ours

The smile that spreads through our eyes as he speaks songs strung from our heart

It is the worry that lines our face as we tend to a skinned knee, a broken heart

It is the conviction we instill, the purpose to fulfil, the truth we teach and live further and farther

It is in looking back at those years, watching amazed as a son celebrates our love, father and mother


  • Ezeonyeka Godswill


One of the most interesting things about the Christian race is how you don’t get it all at once. What I mean is, the moment you give your life to Christ trust me a lot has already changed within you and if you haven’t yet please do (You are missing a lot!). However, just like the bible says “…his mercies are new every morning”, all who have dared to seek a relationship with this awesome God can confess how amazingly new this experience seems to be everyday. Like we used to say when I was younger, one could read a verse from the bible for a whole year and get 365 different understanding from that one verse (supposing the person is very honest and hungry for more of God). Funny thing is he or she would have still not exhausted the wealth of knowledge in that one verse. Now, this seems much like a fallacy of generalization but what can I say, give it a try!

Unfortunately sometimes we tend to fall short of our part in this relationship and in the end, we miss out on amazing opportunities spiritually and in our daily lives. I know this because I have fallen prey to this several times (nothing I am proud of!) and now I know better. One of such occasions was a fateful morning on my way to work. I had entered a commercial vehicle that should convey me to a central area from where I’d continue to my office. As I settled in, I couldn’t help but notice how loud the driver was. At first, he seemed to have been in some sought of conversation with the other passengers but was distracted by some driving stunts other fellow drivers were putting out and he began shouting at them, obviously angry. I am not a fan of loud people so needless to say I was already uncomfortable but that was soon to be the least of my worries. Continue reading