Only Jesus is worthy to be enthroned in our thoughts. We aren’t worthy to get our thoughts just fixed on us.

Cindy Dike

A Peace of Him

No doubt, I was troubled. Too much and half. My heart was afraid. You see, I sulked in my misery for my world was filled with chaos. So don’t blame me. Hearing him say he would leave me soon didn’t help matters even though he promised never to leave me an orphan
He never did actually and in exchange of my troubles, he gave me his first gift – peace and the second – peace still.
       “My peace I give to you and my peace I leave with you”
I never understood this man Jesus, the son of David, the said king who would freely give himself to die miserably on the cross.This confusion and season brought me to the beginning “his birth”.
Unto us he was born and unto us he was given but his birth was never his beginning. Mysterious. He was in the beginning of the creation but still he’s marked the beginning of when he “God” came to be with us. Emmanuel. You see, I figured things out when I realized he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. This born king was simple for he had to be carried to safety when Herod went insane with malice and hate. I mean, where was the crowned prince’s guards and macho men and to think he chose a capenter for a father. Herod was not to be blamed for Jesus was declared King as a child – the son of Joseph the carpenter who wasn’t related to Herod the great. I know now truly that the light shone through the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. Did it? It didn’t for the very star that shew the three wise men the way were so large and clear making other stars become a mist in the cloud. Poor Herod! For the innocent child was never born to contest with his throne, his throne was divine, made of mercy and peace. Rather than carving his name on precious stones, he carved it in the heart of men.
So you don’t wonder why he was called Wonderful, Counsellor , The Mighty God, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. In the increase of his kingdom, peace flowed to no end. So I imagined him in a manger desiring mercy and not sacrifice. This ageless king is transform less, never changes but changeth situations. When the world like Herod’s reign brought lamentations, weeping and great mourning, Rachael wept for her children, refusing to be comforted because they were no more.The killing of every male child from age 2 and below made them mourn their hopeless woe. I bet they never envisioned a king with open arms saying soothingly and affectionately
            “Come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
Wrapped in a manger, his peasant beginning  revealed his personality. He grew clothed in humility. Little wonder he needed to be identified with a betraying kiss for he wore no crown to distinguish him the “King of kings” from his disciples. You can’t get the birth of him out of your mind for his love is matchless and mercy limitless .
So I take a clue from him ,My King – if he says God has called us kings and a royal priesthood; therefore we are gods but we tend to be the opposite of gods – dogs which barks yet makes no impact for empty vessels they say makes the loudest of noise. If God be love we are transformed in the realm of gods until we love completely in sincerity. Love – the law and prophets. It is love that makes us God. He came to save us and his birth marked the very beginning of  the mission of love. This He says:
        “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God”


In deep slumber…


Slowly went off the flames of the light
Casting shadows of a heart-breaking sight.
She cried in a broken desperation
because it seemed she and her inhabitants were left to die

In the ugly claws of rejection so she stared in fear
Doom seemed near
While in a deep slumber were God’s own tabernacles
Snoring aloud, head supported by feeble ankles.
In an alarming stillness, she thought them dead
Because all that blurred her vision was red

If only they knew
That her cities were ruined
Her buildings laid desolate, home crushed;

Cries of distress, a blasting tune
Her men in tortured labor, had begun to split up caves
Making spaces to dig up their own graves
If only they knew her enemy!

The man of guile had seized and plagued their streets
Leaving them with shuddering teeth that only grits
All that is left are weary souls grasping for breath
Earnestly longing for an easeful death
So with everyday becoming night
They are weary, white out of plight
Despite the surging wave of thick darkness
There lay no hope of light

She couldn’t understand why!
Were they not the saviors?

Who were supposed to build up the waste places?
The army meant to raise the foundation of many generations?
To repair the breach and restore streets for dwelling in as said the Lord
Through the mouth of prophet Isaiah?

For whom does she wait?
Achan or Zechariah?
Would they leave her in darkness and cold?
Their power and authority exchanged for insatiable vaults
Pleasures and filth the price to the devil they had sold?

Children of God indeed they are
She weeps at the hallowness of their claims
Because right from the beginning the scripture never said it so!

An unbearable shame even as my own tears comes afloat
I weep for a creation whose earnest expectation of manifestation
Is exchanged with devastation.



On the street of sadness
I saw tears erupt from the abyss of troubled hearts and there was no glimpse of gladness
Just down the devil’s boulevard were young and old weeping in a sob
Their tears marching down like angry mobs
Sorrow hung in the air
And there was great shudder of fear
I watched men wriggle in a web of pain
Sulking in anguish as though insane
In a pitiable layer, it rested upon my soul
Such was the ill fate of man, the pain, his royal robe

Getting to my home,a hollow of void
Where confusion and emptiness forms a bond
Before my door stood the figures of horror
And every knock rapped sent shivers of terror
I let them in,yes I let my fears-the friends that haunt my soul
The same friends who end up leaving me in a state beyond console
A little while and they broke into a bitter song
All my failures in life their lyrics sung
And my tears which I had kept frozen
Began to spill down a dozen

Catching cold in the hottest temperature
I began to paint an empty future
In that jinx, a gentle voice whispered to me
“What do you think could end this misery?”
With a scornful grin I answered,”It is not a mystery
But a knife to pierce my heart, a dangling rope over my neck”
Alas! I received echoes of cries piercing the dark
And the wind of despair filled every crack
“Why the lamentations?” I inquired

Yes we all cry at thy feeble tries
Why do you choose to end this way
And victory you have almost given away
Take a walk ! I obeyed with my head hung in resign
And my unpleasant friends still stuck right behind
Silence sang like a sad music
Yet stretching before me was an archive of greeneries
The earth hung limp with an air of victory
And the moon glowed like sleeping beauty
Amidst starry sky, lost in awe of the creator

I floated in the wonder of his supreme majesty
“What do you see?”that same voice came again
“Divine ability” I confessed as awe filled my heart as my eyes gazed
The cloud opened and roared “oh ye of little faith…

“…do ye not know that ye are Gods?!”

Upon my forehead broke out the oil of realization
As I basked in the beauty of a new dawn
For in men lies the DNA of Jehovah
Shining in my hands was the glittering sword of believe
YES! the believe that I possess the victorious and creative capacity of my father in me
In the steps of triumph,
I charged towards my unpleasant friends to slay them with my sword
But alas!! They had taken to their heels!!

  • Cindy Dike


Watch out comrades! I cried in a loud shrill,
Clinching in alarm as everything came to a still
Comrades catapulted into throes of battle,
Ready to settle a score with an enemy
But alas, into d garland of fools we marched
And no one was found in sight.
Like a bad dream, day diffused into a terrific night.
Weapons clashed, glittering tears as we soared in a castle of fear.
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