Take me back to Gwags;
Let me remake the lags and crags that tripped me forward into UNN.
I thought myself a goner, no Arsenal, and yet I won the war with a few good men.

Barely two years into
UNN my issues
Pointed me to people
Who would grow me into
Feet that would fill great shoes
Burst ma brain, no pimples
I ran into you people
Now I’m pretty grateful

So if you take me back to Gwags
I won’t need the swag
That once was a must-have
No, right now, I have Christ
That sure peace I roll on
That faith is my profession

Tertiary choices once lay ahead of me
A barrier between
the now then and this
I chose first indeed
But God will have his

Abrahaming through lands,
I was my own Isaac – the Son was in the Man

God asked for my sacrifice
I kept dodging all his eyes
I thought that I was wise
Arguing through all his whys

But let me remake
The crags and lags that made
me trip into UNN
Let’s see what happened then…

The Niel Quchi
© 2020


Your heart beats a melody
The world rejoices in novelty
You are here by another’s will
The Word is how you navigate this

You must be thirsty.
What drink would you love?
Water of life is always a great choice!
We live in the feelings of these little choices.
Live by choice.

Leave by choice
Regrets and bitterness in past 31
Lift by choice
Your spirits heights above where Jews lie
Leafy choices
Can be lost in this wind so hold tight
Newness is your guest today
Make the best of it

When you can and can’t
You deserve presence,
Gift yourself the present of you
Now is a good time to live.
So dance, teach time to
Breathe, see, listen and feel
Make it wait on you.

St. Davnique
Godswill Ezeonyeka


Let your hair down
You’ve come this far
This is not destination
But home is where you are
The moon takes us through another 31

Begin by breath.
One. Two.
Exhale the stress, excess, excuses.
Inhale the miracle of your heart beating hard.

The journey of a thousand miles
One step
The expectation of many lives
One thought
This is reset if you don’t clone it
Welcome to another opportunity
Crown it

Continue by Sight.
Lashes up and it’s a new day!
We are always at the start of things
And it’s okay.

And now that I have you here,
Can you hear?
Can we sit and lock hearts?
Rest a while on my chest
I will do same.
We are simply different patterns from a cloth.
Our roads have led us here.
Let’s celebrate this beautiful silence.

St. Davnique
Godswill Ezeonyeka


Hmmm…Have you walked down this lane?
The lane of the warring voices embedded in the mind?
Where voices rage war in the soft bones of your mind,
Over choices and decisions,
Voices sounding right under the spell of imaginative confusion,
Wrong when castrated of the spell,
Where reasoning becomes afraid to reason,
Cos even in the cause of reasoning choices coated in capsules of poison seize thy taste of choice,
Confused over nothing yet confused over everything,

Drowned in the ocean of counterfeited uncertified voices draining broken pieces of unfulfilled dreams sketched out,
These voices keep on speaking,
That the only surviving cartilage in the brain of my head has been ruptured
Unseen yet powerful and influential voices, trapped in myriads of scorn,
This is an inbuilt ethnic war,
Who can save me from this destiny device,
Where voices echo unraveled solutions and complicated ideas to same thing,
Which do my being become a slave to?

Rains of confusion has embarked on a rescue journey at the central park of my head,
Taking rest at the hallucinated desolate field of lost,
The sweet and gentle voice of procrastination has embalmed its statue in me and silenced my voice of reason placing it in the solitudinal grave of eternity,

I wear smiles wrinkled on the inside,
Spraying the perfume of faded smile to avoid panel of questioning,
Inner pimples has eaten deep my dimpled mind of rest,
Hiding under the cloaky face care of MARY KAY
To bring out the dimples amidst the pimpled troubled mind,

Which voice do I cling to?
The sugar coated diabetic voice or the fading- like silent voice embedded with thorns and water logged pathway to destiny,

OH!!! OH
War of voices within…
My soul has become aged at the peak of my youthful mind,
Let me think and make one… my permanent abode for a gloomy doom await the confused mind making choices,
Follow me on my journey but with cautioned silence.

Kanu Nonye

© 2018


This is not the first time it would be heard, these little voices in my head
I’m beginning to actually doubt if this could be from my head or does my heart play a major, creating sounds like a broken record; because It seems like these weird voices become clearer when I am in a state after the whole or a part of my heart has been torn apart.
The voice of God, the voice of my spirit and the voice of the devil at times sound exactly the same, so maybe I should neglect them all and be led by what I am being taught in a world of shame, because if mad men hear voices too and are sent to the asylum, then silencing these voices is safe, or maybe trying to do that is actually what will then drive you insane.
But I got a deal;
I do not know if am the only one who has ever had this deal, so I want to extend an invitation to find out if I am the only one of my kind amongst mankind who has had to deal with a deal as inviting as this, if I made a mistake or might get a second chance to reconsider after rejecting initially, this deal that came to me so swiftly from someone I could not see but felt so strongly, so much that I had to speak out loudly before he left me.
Everyone had at one time or another been led by a whole lot of them but it all boils down to how you respond; then a yes, no, or even deciding to ignore would definitely be recorded to you as one of your choices.
What have you been given? I have fallen and risen times without number that it has caused me to reason, then I found out that since the devil has a cycle that only ends in death and I am still living, then whatsoever he had done or is doing to me would have taken me, but it took Christ to take me in and give me a new beginning. So I am done selling myself cheap; because since we are all farmers, I want to be very careful in the end the things I would reap.
I had a deal;
The enemy comes to destroy, to kill and to steal then Christ comes to give life, forgive sins and to heal; but heaven is His throne and the earth His footstool, sitteth at the right hand of the father, further than all principalities and power, giving me cover and all His blessings He shower but then to be sitteth with Him would be much honor and stress free, that is the point I almost became carefree, the enemy knows that of a truth I am scare free, so whatever he does on earth to me and those I love so dearly doesn’t even move or scare me.
Then that night, with no lights, left alone with the voices, it came as clear as my voice is “will it not be better to just leave this world of pain and death-in, so you can die and go to heaven now that you are standing?” am paraphrasing, but that was the deal.
I knew every word was true but was stunned receiving them from the devil, he wouldn’t like for me to make heaven, but I have been through quite a lot of odds lately, so maybe he is offering it to me now to be even, yes I deserve to rest from all of the…….. hold on, hold on, hold on, the devil never pities no man.
Now I understand the deal, there is something in me that he was trying to steal, having failed a thousand times to keep me down he now wants to accelerate my going up and out of his way in a sweet deal. To shut me up before I start manifesting and working for my father, to reduce me to a mere man who just walked the earth and left weak foot prints on the sea shore which would be soon forgotten on the next wave from the sea, see it was appealing, that is what every Christians dream is, but I was careful not to give in, because as 24,4,5 the letter from Matthew revealeth, the Lord is not after the servant who would return home, but the one who gave His people their meat In due season. I mean in due season.
So this is my reason, to stare death in the face and with the authority in the name of Jesus say no to its deal. I know in the end I would leave this world and heaven is where I am sure to be, but now I have got work to do here: dead to raise, sickness to heal, demons to cast out and seriously the blind has got to see; thank God I resisted this deadly deal, now I am waiting for angels to minister unto me.
A word from God; if you are reading this, and you have had thoughts of suicide or giving in to death, it is not your time, there is something the enemy is trying to cut short. He could not get to you so he is hoping you would help him do it yourself. And you evil spirit, I speak to you directly, by the authority in the name of Jesus, leave that body, in Jesus name I pray, Amen. You are covered by the blood of Jesus, God bless you.

Njoku Uchechi