BORROWED LIFE? by Clarkson Ikwunze

Over time I have often heard folks say to believers:

‘This life you are living is a borrowed life and if you don’t take care of it…’

I understand that this is often said to challenge folks to line up well and take life seriously and then they will say some other times;

‘Your life is like the borrowed axe..’

But recently it dawned on me, we do not have or live a borrowed life, the life we have is a gift given to us by the greatest giver of all times – Christ Jesus

A simple understanding of that will spur us on to living life to its fullest giving pleasure to God.

Last year, I got a pen as a GIFT from a darling friend of mine, the pen came in a pack, with a refill, looking at it I knew it cost a fortune; it was a gift not a borrowed pen.

Because of my revelation of that pen and its cost and who gave it to me, I cherished it, guess what I never used it until early this year, I just kept admiring it and smiling.

The first time that Pen fell to the ground and sustained a little scratch, I felt bad, I quickly rushed for it as though it was an Ipad that fell, picked it and cleaned it like a baby.

That’s a pen!

How much more will we treat the gift of life, if we really come to know its worth and who it was who gave the gift, certainly that would change everything.

Our life is not really a borrowed life, it is a GIFT from the greatest giver of all times.

One time I asked a fellow:

‘Sow this thing into my life’ and she replied; ‘Someone gave it to me as a gift, I cant give it to you, but I can get you another one’ and I smiled.

Haven said that, please, a gift is given to be used and not just to be admired, don’t keep your gift of life in the shelf admiring it and doing nothing with it, use it!

One fellow once came and whispered to my ears:

‘I was so joyed when I saw you using that particular tie I gave you , I was so happy’

Another one said to me:

‘That stuff I gave you, you know I’ve never seen you use it, don’t you like it?’

And I smiled and said:

‘I am sorry I will used it next Sunday and you will see it’

and joy was stirred up in the fellow

God is pleasured when he looks down and sees you using what he gave you, it thrills the fathers heart to see his sons; working with the gift of eternal life.

Don’t Lock it up, Use it

Let men see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven.

Once more its a Gift and not a Borrowed life: we take care of a borrowed item with a sense of fear, saying

‘Hmm let me not spoil somebody’s thing oo’

But when its a gift, we are motivated by love, joy and kindness to Nurture it and use it to the fullness, we just don’t wanna let it go. They remind us of the GIVER and His Love.

What is Borrowed reminds us of the Owner and what he will do to us if we don’t return his stuff in one piece.

God is a Giver not a Lender

What is Borrowed is to be returned, What is a Gift, is given without revocation or repentance (A change of mind)

God Bless You


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