Dear old rugged cross
Blessed are you among wood and timber
Because on you rested the greatest sacrifice ever
On that night at Golgotha
On you was my Jesus crucified
And now I stand justified
Before the God of my salvation and life

Dear old rugged cross
It hurts to tell you that many are lost
And those who remain cling to a civilised cross
They have forsaken the ancient landmark
While on a self-satisfaction task
Ignorantly falling to damnation on a fast track

Yes you may have seen some violence
But not as much as there is in my presence
For the love of men wax cold
And iniquity is in abundance
The time of true faith fades away
And religion, false belief finds its way
And unfortunately, the Christians refuse to take their place

I must confess you are quite heavy
And I might stumble and fall on this journey
But all my cares on Jesus I lay
Dear old rugged cross
On you, I sacrifice all my flaws
As I wait for my Lord’s applause

Yours sincerely,
The Young Believer

Ezeonyeka Godswill
(C) 2011

Letter I

Dear Believer,

Christ has not come to mould you in guilt
but manifested to destroy the fiery fright
of hell
and release thee from inferiority cell

for you’re a chosen generation
priest in kingly mansion
you’re a god
with big God

Yeshua is not here for your eviction
but all the way to the cross, it is redemption;
from thy saviour
you conquered the forces and its emperor

for you’re made a battleaxe,
weapon of war
to break the devil’s ass
and send his men trembling by thy roar

Jesus died for all thy sins
leave the screen
and stop watching the old scenes,
you already have a holy gene!

for unto us, Christ is made righteousness
in pure holiness
in perfect sanctification
and accomplished redemption

what else?

Josh’ Oloyede Oluwafemi


Ignite me
Set me off like a bomb, like a traveler
You’re the first step and the last
Breath, breadth and bread

Excite me
Throw me up like a baby in the air
You’re the gum to my laughter
sticking up for me
Sporting fangs for me

Incinerate me
Roar through me like a water out of a dam
Damned to your salvation because you Ctrl+S’d me

What am I?
You say I am son
Barrabas, Redeemed, a Winner
But what do you have to gain?
What does the moon have to profit from a lighter?

I am standing here,
with my hands up,
burning with your words.
Full of them, fool of then
Rebellious to the dark
Obedient to delight
and The Light

Waiting in worship, for you
To ignite me and incinerate me
Until I phoenix to your words.
The words that excite me
with the answer.

I am a believer, unable to esc…
Fired from my death
Hired by my life

The Niel
© 2020

Pen and agree

Terms and Conditions

Being a part of your dice
Being a part of your coin
Being a path to your routes
Is not a pact I’m willing to make
An option out of an ocean is not an option
Only an ‘A’ and all of the ‘above’
No subjective but objective
Because your answer should be subject to nothing
No multiple choice but double choice
‘Me’ and ‘only me’
A dog never comes back to his vomit
So if you drive past
Keep going because your will be allotted soon enough
Never think you are irreplaceable
Don’t get too comfortable
Don’t on and off on me
Be a constant power supply
Or I’ll buy a generator
Thank God for MTN box inverter
Before you come up with ‘too busy’
Know it’s too easy to find someone who’s not ‘too busy’
I love you
But I’m only human
I’ll stay with you if you’ll with me

– Woke man

Being a part of your life
Being a path to your goals
Making a path to the father
Keeping my pact to love you
Is my plan from time immemorial
No application to access my application
Just log in with name: Believer
And password: Believer
I’ll never lock you out
You’ll have unlimited data access
If for any reason you log out
I’ll still be there
If new application surface and you want to try out
I’ll still be here
When they crash…
They eventually do
I’ll be here
I give eternal assurance so be at peace
My love for you is not dependent on you
So don’t, do, on, off, go, stay
I’ll still love you
If I were a man, I’d be worse than your mugu
Because come what may, I’ll be here
Ask and it shall be given unto you
I speak tears amongst other languages including silence and moaning
So feel free to cry in our conversations
I’ll translate
When your pains turn into moans
I’ll understand
When silence is all you can afford
I’ll still hear your unspoken words
Dating me, I promise, will be exciting and stress free
From parts, I will be your whole
I’ll make you capable of emotions you only dream of
Lovely outbursts of various shades
From path to your goals
I will be your goal
Just say ‘yes’ already



(c) 2018